Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wine-O-Sphere

My brother (aka jobrotha) posted this thread on his favorite bulletin board.

Click here.

While it's not exactly Runners World, it is very cool! Thanks, Neil.


Dodger said...

In response to jobrotha's wine blog, remember to keep that box of wine dry or it will wilt in the fridge and start to leak. And for an epicurian recommendation, that box of purple wine is an excellent compliment to a bag of Cheetos. I'm chilling some now for our anniversary dinner next week. (Know where I can get a package of Esskay Franks in Texas?) UR

Jeff said...

ROTFL! Good that your getting Doodles something more romantic than pork rinds, like you did last year. Those Esskay franks are goooood!

Pat said...

People getting online to talk about wine? That's almost as crazy as people getting online to talk about running.

congrats again on your half marathon.

Pokey said...

Awesome! Great picture, and a great accomplishment!

Pat said...

Jeff, just wanted to let you know you are tied for second in the "Fantasy Biggest Loser League". Congrats.