Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's for Breakfast?

I overheard this converstation in my house yesterday morning as Deb was breakfasting the kids:

#2 son: What's for breakfast?
Mom: Waffles.
#2: Your waffles?
Mom: No, Aunt Jemimah.
#2: Aunt Sherri's making waffles?
Mom: Do you see Aunt Sherri here in this house?
#2: No.
Mom: Aunt Jemimah's waffles.
#2: Who's Aunt Jemimah?

Just struck me funny. Kid's been eating the same damn waffles since he was two.



Pat said...

In our house the conversation would have ended with my son saying, "as long as it's not dad's waffles".

You burn a few eggs 10 years ago and you get labeled as a bad cook.

Jeff said...

I hear ya. I cooked bacon three times in our old house and the fire department responded each time to the ADT fire alarm signal that they received.

Haven't cooked bacon since!

Anonymous said...

... lamb chops either...