Sunday, September 2, 2007

Support Your Local Bike Store

I must say, the thought of spending more than a few hundred bucks on a bike just a few months ago seemed very much against my grain. I had a very nice hybrid bike that did just what I needed and I got a great deal on it to boot. So spending what I did this week on a two wheeled self-propelled vehicle seemed way out of character. (I'm sure that the egging on of the like of jobrotha, Mike and Jenny had NOTHING to do with it!)

As I've chronicled here, after three rides, I've had chain problems on each one. I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to returning things or fixing things so taking the bike back to the store not once, but twice is, too, out of character for me.

Nevertheless, I did take it back again yesterday.

This time, the folks at Race Pace really took care to fix the problem.

First of all, I knew going in on a Saturday afternoon would be a challenge. They were packed. I found a repair tech who said he'd look at it right away. I left the store and came back an hour later. When I got back, the tech said he was going to take it on a test ride. Sure enough, he was able to replicate the problem, even after his tweaking.

In comes Earl, the head mechanic. Earl explained that my problem is not uncommon for Trek's, that the fix is to replace a clamp that holds the derailleur, which he has now done. He also took the time to give me some lessons on changing gears. I took the bike out for a spin and could not replicate the problem. Yeay!

The folks at Race Pace have been terriffic. I have really seen the value in the service that they provide. They are helpful and knowledgeable and it's great to know that they stand behind what they sell. I often wonder where customer service has gone these days. For sure, I've found it here!



bigmike600 said...

I only buy bikes from reputable bike shops for the reasons you state. They can and will take care of you because they know that you will tell someone who might tell someone and they sell another bike. I still have not gotten over my bike envy by the way.
Have you named it yet? You have to name your bike...its tradition. My bikes name is Red Forman. (it is 2006 Giant OCR 2 red in color)

Kim Ellis said...

I also love the local bike shops that offer great customer service. We have a local shop that is owned by a triathlete and it's a blast to go in and visit.

Keep up the good work and persistence on the bike. You may have to change the name of your blog you know? Running & Biking Guy - lol