Saturday, September 8, 2007

Riding Around Town

I have spent the past week thinking about little other than getting back on my bike. Where would I go? Trail or roads? When I was running, there was really a pretty finite distance that I could go. Only so many streets. Only so far from home. But the bike, man, you can just go. On a 20 mile ride, you can go almost anywhere.

Today I headed out toward Dave and Jill's house. Not really a planned route, but I had been wondering if I could do it -- the route is very hilly and the terrain is a fairly heavily traveled country road. The ride out was about 10.5 miles. I showed up and chatted for a bit with Dave and Jill, then headed out. (Deb accused me of just wanting to show off. Not me. No way. Never!)

From there I took a much more country route back. Lots of farms and hills. It was really a beautiful ride. Started with about a half mile down hill then just rolling hills. At one point, there is a good half mile up hill. Started to cringe just looking at it. It was tough and I wanted to stop, but just kept going in 27th gear (or is it first gear? I really don't know which way to count.) Moving about 5 mph up the hill, I finally came over the crest and did pull over for a water break.
The crest of the hill was just past the Doughoregan Manor. The Manor is the 800+ acre property of the Carroll family, the direct descendants of Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. I share this only because I think it's pretty cool that this property is here, just a few miles from my house, even though it's completely closed off to the public.

While I was stopped, another bicyclist rode by and asked if everything was okay. It was and a few minutes later, I was back in the saddle for the last three or four miles back home. About two miles from home, I was on Rt 40, a very major three lane in each direction road. Some a-hole comes speeding by and honks his horn for 3-4 seconds as he goes buy me. What a jerk. Shortly after that, I was back home, jazzed by the 22 mile ride, feeling like I can ride anywhere.

It was great to be able to conquer all the hills without stopping. I can already feel the difference in my abilities to handle the hills in just three or four rides. Unfortunately, I'm not sure my butt will be back in the saddle for a couple of very busy weeks coming up, including next weekend in Philly.

Biggest Loser Contest

Blogger Pat from Arizona is having a Biggest Loser fantasy game. Kinda self made, but should be fun. If you're a fan of the show you should check this out.


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Unknown said...

It's great that you are already so fearless on the bike. I'm definitely still a little timid about going out on my own. Keep it up!