Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

No, not a fat-a-versary.  It's really been a year since I last wrote.  Hard to believe.

I'd love to talk about everything that has gone on since last August, but there just isn't time.  Or maybe, truth be told, there's too much time cause not much has happened.

Let me start from why most of you are here -- to check on my weight success . . . or lack thereof.

It has truly been a year of frustration.  I've been up and down more than the see-saw at the neighborhood pre-school.  For the most part between 260 and 280.  Not at all where I want to be.

I mostly feel fat.  Now, that's a good thing, really.  When I get that feeling, I look at Mr 414 Tub-Of-Lard and remember where I came from.  So, not fat like that, but it's all relative.  It's been six years since I've been that guy.  The memories fade.  So it's a good thing that I'm not thinking like "hey, I'm the guy that's lost 130 pounds!  Good for me!"  It's more like "remember how good I felt when I was in the 220's?"  OY! 

Really nothing has gone according to plan in the last year -- at least weight wise and athletic wise.

It's been mostly a year on the bike, but it started out poorly. 
  • Last August I made another attempt at the Hotter'N Hell Hundred and failed at mile 69.  Okay, one of the hottest HHH's ever, but still, I had a plan and just pooped out.  I felt failed and dejected.  I decided that one way or another, I'd do my own century.  Four loops around DFW airport would do it.  Even had a willing accomplice until . . .
  • A couple of weeks later, walking around the bike shop, I slipped and fell in my bike cletes.  I have no doubt it was a funny sight, but it put me in a boot for four weeks.  I was pissed.  And devastated. 
  • So I ate.
My buddy Dave from MD had planned to come out to TX to run the Cowtown Marathon.  I have a boot on my leg but, sure, I could be ready to run a half marathon by February.  Around January 1, I thought it would be a good idea to start training.  Not so fast, bucko, that ankle isn't feeling so good.  Visit to the podiatrist, not much he can do.  Just keep working it.  So in February I ran walked mostly walked the Cowtown.  How could I not break three hours . . . easy -- train little, eat much, go slow. 

Along the way, my heft was taking a toll on my bike, too.  I'm on my thrid set of wheels, hoping that these do the trick. 

I've probably had six failed attempts at getting back on the wagon, each time lasting anywhere from a day to two weeks.  Each time winding up somewhere close to 280.

Much like my 414 days when 58 pants and 5x shirts were pushing the bounds of comfort, at 280, my 44s and 2x's would push those similar bounds.  So I'd try again. 

In July, we went on vaction to California.  Reality hit once again when I returned and got on the scale.  The results were depressing, so I spent the next week pigging out again.  Deb even commented that she hadn't seen me eat like I did on vacation in all the post-loss days since 2006. 

It's time . . .again.

With Hotter'N Hell looming at the end of August, it's time to make it stick.  If I could lose 30 pounds I'd ride.

Back to the (South) Beach.  I knew that the issues would be with energy.  I can go an hour without carbs, but not much longer.  And I was suffering.  Three rides I would just die at an hour with an hour to go.  Suddenly 16 mph dropped to 12.  Holding back my group.  Had to do something.  With some tweaking, (helped by the Paleo Diet for Athletes -- Thanks Ann Marie), I could ride longer.

Simultaneous to this, my son Zach had his own challenge.  In order for marching band to satisfy his high school PE credit, he had to be able run a 10 minute mile.  No small feat for the boy that takes after dad in some good ways, and not so good.  Zach started running our the block and then we started going to the gym.  Kinda cool to treadmill next to your kid!  A few weeks later, Zach ran his 10 minute mile, but he wants to keep running.  Who am I to say no.  We have a 5 mile run scheduled in October.  From there?  Who knows.

I've waffled a hundred times on Hotter'N Hell.  I can tell I'm riding better and faster, but I'm not down 30.  I also haven't ridden more than 40 miles since May.  Finally , this week I decided, down about 22 pounds, my lowest Texas weight, I'll do the 100k -- about 65 miles.  I've got friends to ride with and feel as good as I have in a long time.

I'm not where I want to be, but at least I'm turned in the right direction.

I hope you hear from me again before the year ends, but no guarantees.  For now, I'm looking forward to riding on Saturday and running with Zach. 

To Life!