Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Biggest Loser

Did anyone know that The Biggest Loser was back on last night? I sure didn't. The show is something of a reunion. If you don't want to know what happened, stop reading NOW!

Okay, here's the poop:

First of all, Caroline Rhea is gone. Allison Sweeney is the new hostess. She's some soap actress. I miss Caroline already! Found this link that talks about the hostess change: click here.

Here's the results in the following order: Contestant, original weight, season end weight, original loss, new weight, new total loss, change from end of show.

Marty, Season 3 -- 365 -- 219 -- -146 -- 240 -- -125 -- +21

Erik, Season 3 Winner -- 407 -- 193 -- -214 -- 231 -- -176 -- +38

Pam, Season 3 -- 247 -- Didn't Show -- 187 -- -60 -- Can't calculate

Pete, Season 2 -- 401 -- 198 -- -203 -- 241 -- -160 -- +43

Poppi, Season 3 -- 232 -- 115 -- -117 -- 126 -- -106 -- +11

Kelly, Season 1 -- 223 -- 151 -- -72 -- 160 -- -63 -- +9

Andrea, Season 1 -- 215 -- 156 -- -59 -- 151 -- -64 -- -5

Wiley, Season 3 -- 370 -- 178 -- -129 -- 210 -- -97 -- +32

Amy, Season 3 -- 260 -- 154 -- -106 -- ??????

They never showed Amy's weight. They just had Marty come up to propose to her. She said yes.
Of all the people, Pete and Andrea looked best. Pete gained weight, but it's all muscle. He insisted on taking off his shirt for the weigh in. He's totally ripped. Andrea looked tiny.

The show was poorly conceived and poorly pulled off. There was no suspense. No drama. Before each weigh-in, they tried to get everyone to say in unison "did you keep your weight off?" Gag me. Obviously, they didn't show anybody that put significant weight back on. Waste of an hour.

That's it. The new biggest losers to be are on Tuesday's at 8 ET. They will have three teams and Jillian is going to be back to lead the third team.

And that's the poop, and the conclusion of my career as a tv critic.



Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Pete is the one that got me off the couch. I started the day after he was voted off.

bigmike600 said...

I too was serioulsy helped by that show. The switch turned on for me that these people we as big as me and lost weight..a lot of it.
Jillian looks tough and mean...I am not sure if I could handle her as a trainer. I was curious about the weight. I knew most would put some back on. After losing weight that fast...your body rebounds a bit until it finds its equilibrium for what calories you are taking in. They all still looked good. Even Erik who put some weight back on looked good.
No matter what...I think that show has done more good for overweight people than any other on TV and I will be watching it this season even if it means running on the dreadmill in my basement in front of the TV.

Pat said...

i forgot to tape it. I like it too and that's saying something, because I don't watch to much of that kind of stuff. reality tv. Are you guys up for some 'fantasy biggest loser'. I get something going on my blog.

Unknown said...

Ooh Pat I'm so in.
Thanks for the recap with pounds gained back - that wasn't really clear to me as I was cooking dinner while watching the show, so only got bits and pieces.
There were some pretty big rebound gains eh? They all still look awesome though and are shadows of their former selves.
That chick that hosted was annoying though. She can go.

Anonymous said...

For several of the people I am glad they put a little more weight back on because they seemed like they had gone too low. I did miss the show though unfortunately. I need to get my Tivo set up for the new season.