Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Brick

It's been a solid week since I've had a chance to exercise, since the Philly half. It's been two weeks since I've been on the bike. I've really missed it, too.

With a relatively open day, I wanted to try to run again, given last week's success, and get back on the bike, too.

Not wanting to push the ankle too much, I decided on just a two mile loop near the house. Heading out around 7, the house was still quiet. Outside temp was probably in the low 70's and humid -- pretty warm for that time of day and this time of year. As I started to run, every little twinge alerted me. I felt a few twinges here and there, but nothing lasting. The most pain was on the back of both thighs. Probably should have done a better job stretching. In the end, I finished two miles in about 25 minutes. It felt good to get out there and not feel the ankle pain. Something now to build on.

After the run, I went to drop my kids off at Hebrew School. On the way out, I saw a bunch of dads in the parking lot getting ready to head out for a bike ride. I asked one of them about their pace -- said 16 mph. I'm no where near ready for that, but one of the other guys said I should come out anyway, only way to get better. Maybe I'll check it out next week.

Deb and I had a brunch at the school at 10, so I had already planned to bring my bike and ride afterwards. I headed out at about 11 and did 20 miles in about 90 minutes. At around mile 12, I was exhausted and thought about heading home, but changed my mind. Made a left turn down a street I hadn't hit before. Correction . . . made a left turn UP a street I hadn't ridden before. For about four miles it was almost entirely up hill. I made it, slowly, but I made it. Felt really good.

It was a really good day, capped off by the Ravens beating the Cardinals in a much too close finish, but a win is a win.

Now, what should I do for an encore?



Dan Seifring said...

Very nice job Jeff. I say go out with the group next week if you can.

bigmike600 said...

Nice workout. It is funny to see how people like us have now replaced food with exercise. It's great to see Jeff. keep up the good work.

Pat said...

it's hard to find a good bike gang. You better ride with them. You'll do fine.

I could have told you the Ravens would beat the Cards. Everyone does.

J-Wim said...

group rides = fun. Do it!

Bricks build a solid base, keep it up!