Thursday, July 5, 2007

Three Ring (Circus)

Over the past year, I have had to replace just about everything I have worn.
I thought for sure I'd be able to continue to wear my 5X polo shirts, but those went to Goodwill about 75 pounds ago. My pants, well, I've dropped through 8 sizes (yes, 16 inches!) and counting.

Even workout wear is way too big. I was so excited when I got my first "technical" t-shirt. A 3X from Reebok. That needs to go, and soon, the 2X UnderArmour "tech" t will join it. Even workout shorts, with the nice pull cord, well, that cord drops below my knees on some pair.

What I wasn't so prepared for was the reduced size of my fingers. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, since just about everything else is smaller. My original wedding band was a size 13 (top, left). As I had lost weight in the past, that ring has slipped off. On my last trip through South Beach, almost three years ago, Deb bought me a size 11 ring (middle, left). (Because of the design of the original ring, it can't be re sized.) I wore it for a time and then she wore it for a time, as we'd rotated our weight enough to share the band.

Somewhere around -100 lbs., I lost the ability to wear that ring. We talked about getting new bands on our trip to Vegas in February. One afternoon, we walked to Fashion Show Mall and looked in at a few jewelry stores. We both found rings that would better fit our more svelte digits. I ordered a size 9 3/4 (lower, left.) I really like the ring, and Deb really likes her new ring as well. Just one minor problem. MINE DOESN'T FIT ANY MORE! Actually, it works okay for day to day wear, but when we were in the hotel pool in Seattle, it was slipping off. That's usually a sign to protect it or lose it. So, I won't be swimming with it any more.

At this point, once it's really falling off, maybe another 20-30 lbs from now, I think I'll wait to get it re sized. We just can't afford to keep any more jewelers in business.

In the mean time, if you know anybody looking, I can give you a great deal on some gold rings!

(Left to right -- new, oldest, old.)



J~Mom said...

That is a great marker of your weight loss!! My own ring is twirling and I love the feeling! So much better then the is my finger going to fall off feeling I had before.

Great job!!

bigmike600 said...

That has to make you feel good. I was talking to my wife and that picture of you and your brother really shows the weight loss. You look outstanding.

Pat said...

my ring doesn't fit. hopefully in the next 6 months it will.


Anonymous said...

You should melt them down into something meaningful... like jewelry for your wife :-)

LisaDuvall said...

This entry really got me thinking. So far I've lost two wedding rings - one I took off while pregnant with my youngest and it was never seen again. The second my daughter knocked down a sink. Maybe when I reach my weight loss goal (and my running goal!) I'll reward myself with a new ring!