Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Stats and Training Update

This was one of those weeks that really didn't make sense.

I fully expected to come back here today to report a nice loss. Even though I had a big week last week, I felt like I was right on track to hit my one year goal a couple of days early. Unfortunately, my scale had other ideas. When I stepped on this morning, I found a big goose egg -- zero, nada, zilch.

I may have burned more exercise calories this week than ever before. I ran 14 miles this week as the half marathon training plan continues on course with 15 miles planned for this week. On Saturday, Neil and I did another 11 mile loop at BWI with the kids. Much better this week, I thought, as we had all done it once before.

For the first time in my life, I think, I rode with my dad and brother on Sunday. We rode the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail Park -- our ride was about 25 miles round trip. It was no doubt the longest ride I've ever done and it was fun to do with Neil and dad. Although I had biked the least of the three of us, I held my own on the trail. The last quarter of the ride was tough as it was slightly more of an incline and my thighs and butt were killing me, but the pain subsided and, surprisingly, I'm not feeling any ill effects today. For an "old guy" my dad did really well, even though I think my mom thought we were going to kill dear old dad off, one mile at a time. He and Neil seemed like they could keep going. I was cooked, but I'm looking forward to the next ride!

I was able to use my new Garmin Forerunner over the weekend for my run and two rides and it definitely is a cool new gadget. Unfortunately, one of the buttons is broken and I'll have to return it. Very sad.

With this exercise regimen, I'm quite disappointed with the scale results. I have been thinking a lot about diet lately and I am definitely looking to move beyond South Beach. From all that I've read, I believe that I'm now requiring more carbs to get through these longer runs and rides. It's not simply a matter of carbing up a day or two out, but I think an overhaul may be required. Need to do some more reading and probably consult with a dietitian.



Carrie said...

Your disappointment with the scales may be related to the high amount of exercise that you did this week. After a particularly difficult physical activity, your muscles need glycogen to repair themselves. For every pound of glycogen, your muscles also hold 3-4 of water. I only weigh 115, and this "muscle soak," as I call it, can cause me to gain up to 4 pounds for as long as 10 days (in more extreme cases, like after a long race). So look at that higher-than-you-thought number as a good thing...your muscles are repairing themselves and getting stronger! (which you will need to tackle those hills in Annapolis...see you there!)

Lindsay, Amy, & William said...

Hi Jeff. My name is Amy, and I am a new reader of your blog. I think you have done an amazing job with your weight loss, and you should not get discouraged about not losing any weight this week. When losing weight, we always hit plateaus. Even when you work really hard, there are those times, when you won't lose weight. But, don't let that get you down. Keep at your hard work, and don't think about it as "Oh, I haven't lost any weight this week." Have the attitude " Look at all the weight I have lost to date and how healthy I have become." Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to hear about your progress.