Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Subtle Changes

I’ve been a “foodie” for as long as I can remember. I come by it fairly honestly – my mom enjoyed trying new recipes and puttering in the kitchen and she passed her culinary creativity and expertise on to me. Lesson one when entertaining is bountiful is better and never make your guests feel like you might be running out of food.

Like most families in the 60’s and 70’s, the family dinner reigned supreme. My parents were fairly strict about proper table manners and bountiful might have been better but you were expected to finish everything on your plate. Yup, I often heard about those poor orphans in foreign lands who would be grateful for the uneaten morsels I desired to leave on my plate. I was in my “budding” adolescence when my parents realized that membership to the Clean Plate Club wasn’t a desirable club for their daughter.

I take full responsibility for my weight issues but my mom certainly contributed to my enthusiasm and love of food. In addition to consuming food, I like to read about food and watch television about food. I’m an avid Food TV fan and enthusiastic clipper. I have files of clipped recipes and pictures of creative displays of…FOOD. This hobby comes honestly as well because of course…mom was a clipper too. I not only clip for myself, I clip for others AND, after 12 years of marriage, I’ve turned my husband into a clipper! But I digress!

Yesterday I was sorting and organizing my 6-months worth of clippings -- mostly print-outs from recent Food TV episodes. I generally feel a modicum of guilt for this continued love of food and collecting of recipes. How could a person who loves food as much as I do ever successfully lose weight?? So here I am sprawled out all over the family room floor -- sitting next to me is my previously clipped and filed recipes neatly organized and divided by food category in a 3-ring binder. Then came the realization…the “starch” and generally high fat and sugar category that previously had been one of my favorites was strangely lacking. The salad and vegetable category by comparison was definitely NOT lacking. The recipes I so lovingly clipped with visions of comfort and joy in the past had been replaced with feel good food of a different kind. The kind of food that tastes good, looks good, and is good for you.

I’ve been in terminal plateau for about 6-months now. Most days I’m OK with it, happy with the fact that I’ve been able to maintain my losses and that my quarterly blood work results remain right where they need to be. My subtle discovery brought the big picture back into focus and reinforced the many positive changes I’ve made in my life. Not only am I making healthier choices regarding the food I feed my body, I’m making better clipping choices regarding the food to I want to create in my kitchen and feed my family and friends.

This all might sound a little silly and frivolous – I find Jeff’s blog to be serious, thought provoking and poignant and hesitate to post my subtle realizations but the boss says, “post”! I think he’s just at a loss for words today! J The point is that when you’re feeling down or in a lull, think about all the LITTLE changes you’ve made in your life to produce BIG results.

* Need a recipe??? Try All

* My favorite Food personality (for healthy eating!) is Ellie Krieger. She’s a little too
perky for some but I find her refreshing and her recipes life friendly and practical.
If I want a good dose of fat, sugar and BUTTER watching, I turn to Paula Deen or Ina Garten.

Buon Appetit!

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Kim Ellis said...

I am absolutely addicted to Giada and Everyday Italian - I actually have made some of her recipes and adapted them to fit within the Weight Watchers guidelines - she even made a whole wheat pasta recipe that looked amazing.

I too have noticed the change in my recipe box - or lack of actually - more clippings than recipe box.