Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monday Update -- on Wednesday

Weight held steady this past week. Not totally surprised after last week's big loss. Was able to run about 12 miles and bike 28 through my foot/ankle pain.

On that note, my ankle continues to hurt and I've decided to shut it down pending doctor advice. Not happy about the delay, but I'd hate to do more damage.

All for now.



Pat said...

I've found that when something hurts it is sometimes from increasing mileage. I, usually back the mileage down until the pain goes away. Then, I increase the mileage without the pain. Hope your ankle feels better soon.


K80K said...

It may just be tendinitis, which I am currently fighting with myself. The doctor will probably ask you to rest some and then back the mileage down as you get moving again. I am doing a lot of icing of the ankle, stretches and taking Advil after runs to keep the inflammation down. I would definitely wait to talk to the doctor though. My Dad didn't listen to his and blew out his achilles once.

bigmike600 said...

I agree with Pat. Give yourself a few days off. Take a slow walk. Ice the part that hurts. Ibuprofen if you can. I would wait a little more before seeing the doctor. He is probably going to tell you to rest it for a while and if you have, then you can tell him you did already.