Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good News, Bad News

So, I'm thinking that my body and my scale have begun to conspire against my mind. After all of those days with no loss, then three pounds in two days to hit 150 pounds lost, yesterday's weigh in was even. I was thrilled with that. It seemed to reinforce the three over the prior two days. Yesterday was a good day for dieting, but also an off day for exercise. I got on the scale this morning and was shocked and delighted to see the scale down three more pounds! I can't help but wonder if somebody is playing games! I'll take it, though.

Went for my early run this morning. Five miles scheduled. At about 2 1/2, I started to feel pain in my left arch. It continued to get worse through 3 miles, at which time I could no longer endure running. Walked home about a mile and consulted with "Dr. Deb" who diagnosed plantar fasciitis. At present, I'm sitting with a package of frozen chopped spinach on my foot!

Given my former weight, I feel very lucky that I've not had any athletic related injuries in the past year. My immediate concern is getting set for my next scheduled running day on Tuesday. Ultimately, I can't afford to lose too much time with Annapolis in just 6 weeks and lots of work to be done to get ready to the 2 hr/10 mile cut off time.

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Jo Brotha said...

Jeff... it's probably your high heel shoes. Switch to flats and the problem should go away in a few days.

bigmike600 said...

I experienced the same thing not too long ago. I had almost 250 miles on my running shoes. I went and bought some inexpensive Spanko brand insoles and took the ones out of my shoes and put those in and more arch pain. It is always a good idea to ice any trouble spot after each and every run. Nice job on the weight loss. You have to feel amazing right now.

Pat said...

I had PF before I became a runner. some heal inserts in my shoes cleared up the problem.

I had some foot pain a month or so ago. My shoes had 391 miles on them. I got new shoes and my feet are doing better.

How many miles do you have on your shoes? If you need a free website to track your mileage and even your mileage per shoe, I like to use Check it out.


Mom tried decaf once said...

Take care of yourself! Air on the side of caution and rest if you need to!

Anonymous said...