Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday Stats and Training Update

Week 46 results:


This was a particularly good week for running. I was able to run at a local park on Monday and tread Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday. Total of 15.1 miles for the week. Tuesday was also a weight day. Hadn't done weights in many months and boy did I hurt for the next few days.

Sunday's run was a PR (personal record) of 3.6 miles at an average of 11:47/minute, beating my old PR of 12:08. I had been struggling to break through under 12 minutes for many months, so this was an exciting feat. I was also able to maintain a running pace for a half mile, beating my old long of 1/3 mile.

Monday's run at the park was on the same course as the Matzo Ball Run 5k that I'll be participating in this coming weekend. In December, I completed that course in more than 50 minutes. Monday's training was at 40:50. My goal is to break 40:00. Based on the Sunday breakout, I'm hoping that 39:59 will be a breeze!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on your great success!
I am concerned for my heart health and am wondering if your blood lipids have improved or maybe they never were a problem. I would like to lower my numbers and get off a statin. Has your Doc approved South Beach for you?
So many confusing diets out for the public- I lost the most on South Beach about 3 years ago but gained it all back, have been thinking of doing it again. I feel I need a program to work or else a program,not of my design, is working me and it isn't a good one!
Best of luck from another guy trying to lose it.

Jeff said...

My wife actually suggested talking about doctor care tomorrow, so you're in luck. Stay tuned. If I can find my latest test results, I'll post those too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!
It is great to get your perspective, someone who is living it - a regular guy.
It would be interesting to see more of what you eat during the day or week, any recipes that can save the day, favorite food items now that you are on South Beach, etc.
I have a horrible sweet tooth that I am trying to tame, any help?
Best to you and yours.

Jeff said...

Please check out my post from June 2. I've got some snack type suggestions and a recipe in there.

Feel free to write me directly at with specific questions.