Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Stats and Training Update

Week 47 results:


Yesterday was the Matzohball Run 5k in my town. I had been looking forward to this, since I had not run the course since December when I sizzled at 51:22. I finished this event at 37:23, HOWEVER, I suspect that the course distance was not correct. After the race, I tracked the course on Google Earth and came up with 2.83 miles. If I'm right, that would translate to about 41 minutes, which was also much closer to my training run at that park on Memorial Day. Although I would have been disappointed with that time at the finish, I'm certainly more disappointed now, thinking I blew it out and now suspecting that I was a minute off of my 39:59 goal.

I don't know how this error might have happened. I suppose I might have missed a turn on my Google track, but I don't think I'm off by much. I emailed the people that ran the event -- I'll let you know what they say. This is a bummer!

Otherwise, this was a good week for exercise. Total foot mileage of 12.15 (counting the 5k as 5k) with two days of weights and a couple of half hour bike rides.

Included in the running were two PR's, now at an 11:20 pace for 5k plus distances.

All in all, a good week -- down 3 lbs.


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