Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Stats and Training Update

Training Update

A bit of a slow week, this week. Just over 6 miles running as we left for vaca later in the week. That doesn't include 4-5 miles we walked on vaca over the weekend. It strikes me that the Annapolis 10 miler is just about 9 weeks away and the Philly Distance Run just a few weeks after that. Time to get the training plan together.

Weigh in was Friday with our vacation departure. Pretty happy down 2 this week. Nervous about being a way, though. Have plans to run, but we'll see if vacation winds up taking over best laid plans.



Pat said...

Have a great vacation. I love to run in any state I go to. I look for races, and if I can't find a race I look for a scenic place to get a short run in. Ran a 5k in San Diego and running a 5k on the 30th in Indiana. I, also, share meals at restaurants. No one in my family can eat the large portions they give you at restaurants, so I either share with one of my kids or my wife. I won't share chicken fingers, so they better order something good.

Jen Burton said...
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