Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hey, I ran a Mile!

I changed up my training a bit today. Up until now, I had limited my work outs to the treadmill or a local park. I had really avoided the neighborhood. Just something about exposing myself to our neighbors. One of those self-confidence things, no doubt.

I really wanted to start running more outside, in prep for the Annapolis 10 miler in August so I mapped out a 3.2 and 4 mile route on

Today's training run was for 4 miles, so I got out and ran the 4 mile course.

Since I began last year, I've only been able to sustain about half a mile maximum continuous running without breaking into fast walking. I was watching some people running in the neighborhood a few days ago and noticed how slowly they were "running". I thought "Hey, I can do that!" So, today I did. For the first time in forever, well, probably my whole life, so that is forever, I ran more than a mile! I made it about 1.1 or 1.2 before walking. The mile took about 11 minutes, a minute or so slower than I normally tread at "running" pace.

I've definitely found a major clue in getting to the sustained 5 mph pace I'll need for Annapolis.

Overall, I finished the 4 miles in 52:12 minutes. I needed to slow for the longer and more severe sustained inclines over the last 1/3 of the course, but it felt good to get out there and see the neighbors!



J-Wim said...

WOO HOO! The first one is the hardest - keep at it!

J~Mom said...

That is one of the hardest things for me to do with running...slow down to run longer. It does work well when you do it though!! Great job!

bigmike600 said...

I agree with slow. If you have a heart rate monitor, keep your heart rate in the 135-145 range. You should be able to hold a conversation while running. GO LONGER... and then once a month, run a little faster and see how long you can maintain the pace. Record your pace and then every month track it. You will be amazed at your progress. I know you are getting a Garmin too and that works sweet for this. You will be shocked at how fast you will progress. You will be "running" 10 miles before you know it. I try to keep my heart rate at 145 for my long runs and I bet I do not average more than 11 min miles most of the time and then when I go out and do 5K or 10K races I can sustain a better pace. Good Luck Jeff and keep going.

Renae said...

I'm not at running a full mile yet, no matter how slow I go. Actually I can only do maybe a quarter of a mile, but I too don't remember ever running a full mile. Congrats!!