Sunday, April 27, 2008


Since there were a few questions about it, I ran today pain free. (Yeay!)

I spent about 15 minutes stretching before leaving home (about 2 hrs before race) and another 15 about a half hour before the starting gun. Also, took 4 ibuprofin before leaving.

I really believe that the three pronged approach of chiro, stretching and ibuprofin is making it all work.

Mileage plan is just 3/4/2 leading up to the big day. I can't remember the last time I ran just 2 miles (other than pain shortened.) Seems hardly worth putting on a clean set of workout clothes!


Andrew is getting fit said...

Good stuff!

K80K said...

So glad tere was no pain.

You should use the 2 miler as a practice run for your full. Wear the same clothes carry the same fuel...etc...that you plan to use on race day. Just to make sure everything feels "right".

J~Mom said...

Glad there is no pain! That is great news! It is funny about the short distances now, isn't it. I still remember the first time I tried to run 2 miles. I told my husband exactly where I was going and that if I was not back in 30 minutes to come after me. Then I asked him to wish me good luck. Now I say, I will be back in a minute this will be a quickie. LOL