Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fat and Slow

Last night after work, I started out the door for 3 miles. My youngest decided he'd like to scoot along with me. Sure, just one kid, I can handle that. That was my conclusion after the last run with kids in tow.

Little one was immediately behind, just like before. As we headed up hill, he yelled for me wait. Ok, now I'm on foot and I'm not too fast. C'mon kid, catch up. And by the way, why aren't you wearing your helmet? "I dunno." Good answer.

As we crested the hill and went down into the next neighborhood, I directed #2 to the sidewalk. Moments later, the sidewalk jumped up and grabbed his front wheel. A fight ensued and my boy put in a valiant effort. We'll call it a draw, even though the sidewalk was left unbruised, but my son left with two bloody forearms and a bloody finger. Oh, and calls for mom through the tears.

Soon after we started walking back (and I realized that he would live) (and no ambulance would be required), I stopped my Garmin and noted that I'd set a PR for my first ever 0.57 mile run!

And then there was the tweak.

I felt just a slight pull in my lower back. Not where the last problem was, but just north of there. Around the kidney area. I took some ibuprofen and slept through the night.

When I awoke, the pain was still there. I've had some kidney issues before -- a few stones and some other maladies. Could it be something serious like that? I sure hope not.

The pain is dull and almost non existent except when I sit or bend over to a 90 degree angle. When I do that, the pain is sharp and feels like when you've run on a really cold day and struggle to catch your breath. It's that super cold feeling in your lower back.

A scheduled visit to the chiropractor this morning and he worked on the pain, providing some relief.

After a long day at work (highlighted by a 2 hr conference call that lasted 4:39 -- must be a record, I think), I needed to get a run in, despite the pain.

I got home, changed, and dropped #1 off at the ball park for practice and took off to run. The pain was bearable. Not too bad. I immediately noted that I was running more slowly than I had been, mid-11's. I also felt really fat. First time in a long time I have felt that way. Lots of jiggling going on. I probably looked at my Garmin 40 times. The miles were ticking by way too slowly. How could my last run be so great followed by this one, so seemingly lousy?

In the end, I slogged through 4 miles in about 46:30. I felt fat. But I did it.

Am I ready for Sunday? I sure hope so. Not much I can do about it now. This new pain has got me down a bit. After all the other pains, could I handle one more? Now? Oy!

3 days, 10 hours, 41 minutes 'till Frederick.



J~Mom said...

I swear it's the pre-race nerves. I couldn't believe how many things went wrong with my body before some of my big races. You ARE ready! You have trained hard!! Think positive and look straight ahead!

Emil Von Runner said...

You've got this marathon Jeff! You've trained hard and no matter what you'll be ready for the race. Don't forget adrenaline is going to kick in big time on race day. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Wishing you nothing but the best Jeff (as always). You will rock this marathon.

Amy said...

You're ready mister.

And as for 'not talking about hockey'... haha, you're right mentioning it makes it talking about it. I just threw that out there, as thats my standard reply of late with all the obnoxious comments from Ottawa fans that feel the need to rub in my Habbies current state of sucking ass!

I can't wait to read your race report!

Daiquiri princess said...

Hey dont be so hard on yourself. My guess is that your brain is playing with you - trying to convince you of something from your former self.

Just keep telling yourself YES I CAN!!!

Robert Barker said...

I think you are just nerved up for the race. I am sure you will do fine. I will be rooting for you.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Sometimes we just have bad runs. Put it behind you and rock your race this weekend.

Chief Wahoo said...


Get some rest and take it easy today and Saturday.

You have come along way and logged a lot of miles in preparation for Sunday and I have no doubt you are going to do great!

Keep running and keep you chin up!