Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

Thought I'd share a little snippet from our day. The following instant message discussion happened while I was on a conference call at the office. Enjoy:

Deb: having a plumbing crisis!

Jeff: yes -- what's the crisis?

Deb: sinks in the basement all backed up as is the washer -- OY with every
sock that this family owns in it...water all over the floor of course and into
the middle room -- UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb: On an upnote -- while on the phone with BGE, I made the appointment
for the furnace check!

Jeff: oy yoy yoy

Deb: so the deal is...BGE plumbing will be here sometime between now and
6:00. The guy on the phone suspects that there's a clog in the washing machine
as well because it didn't drain -- so we have an appliance guy scheduled for
tomorrow. THEN, the furnace guy will be here on Thursday. I know there'e really
never a convenient time for these things to happen but I got things to do,
people to see, etc..

Deb: can't even cook for the weekend because I was going to Walmart to buy
a container for the matza balls and I didn't have you pick-up enough onions for
the sauce -- OH SHIT!!

Deb: I'm going to have to call the Anderson's to take Matty to baseball if
the BGE guy doesn't come by 4:50 -- UGH!!

Deb: should be a very pleasant afternoon

Deb: I even called Vern (I think he's a plumber) but he wasn't

Deb: Since you're not responding, I'm assuming that you're tied up on the
phone -- remind me to ask you about the attic

Jeff: sorry

Deb: while the plumber is here, I want to ask him about the kids sink -- I
don't know if you've noticed that the drain is broken

Deb: HEY, I gotta make the eggs and bacon

Deb: NO worries my love...

Deb: all is peachy keen here at the Sweren house

Deb: life is good

Deb: hmmmmmmmmmmm!

Deb: love you

Deb: call me later

Jeff: sorry, love, not what you had planned for the day

Deb: oh well

Jeff: i'm certain it's from all the underwear i've washed!

Deb: what can I tell ya

Deb: that must be it

Jeff: call you soon

Deb: and the BGE furnace check is called in!

Deb: look forward to it!

Deb: BGE is on the way!!


Deb: good thing too because Vern just called me back and said based on what
I told him that it sounds like the main sewage line -- he recommended not using
the toilet -- aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Deb: you're at lunch aren't you?

Jeff: i'm back

Deb: bge is here!! The day is saved -- I here water running!!

Jeff: woo hoo

Jeff: maybe vern was wrong

Deb: it's a gawd awful mess though -- had to move dresser and all the
clothes and then of course, everything piled up high on the dresser -- OY!! Not
on my agenda!

Jeff: oy

Deb: not sure yet -- you say main sewage line to a plumber and they
automatically grimace -- I'm going down to check now

Deb: ahhhhhhh, all done -- it was the laundry line -- HURRAY!! not much you
can do about it other than what we do. Kudos to BGE for getting here within 45
minutes -- HS!!

Deb: I'll let you know th cost in a minute --

Jeff Sweren: ok

Deb: 179.91

Deb: hey, better than having another technician come tomorrow

Jeff: what!

Deb: it's unbelievable how fast they came

Jeff: holy crap -- were there parts or just time?

Deb: that's with the 10% discount before you ask

Deb: where ya been baby? we haven't had service on anything for at least
2-years -- plumbers have gone up. It was 90.00 to walk thru the door!

Deb: he had to open up the pipe and then used the electric snake

Jeff: oy

Deb: deep cleansing breathes my love



Andrew is getting fit said...

Such is life sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Deb.

Grace under fire, that one.

Terry said...

This made me laugh Jeff- Deb was so polite about things. I'd have been swearing up a storm.
In the immortal words of Rosann Rosanna Danna- its always something.

J~Mom said...

Ok seriously, that just cracked me's just so a conversation that would be between with Javamom and Javadad. It's just like my life to be unraveling by the second while Javadad works at the office. So funny..but not. Sorry about the bill. :<(