Monday, January 14, 2008


Here we are at another Monday.

What a week for exercise last week -- did just about everything but hit a pool. Totals included 10.4 miles run, 16.8 miles biked on one of the nicest January days ever, two spin classes and one group strength class. All that activity led to the best kind of pain, so I've been chowing down on ibuprofin. Yum!

The scale is cooperating too. Loss of 0.7 lbs for the week, bringing my total to exactly 175 pounds lost in just over 18 months. Hopefully, I'm out of the 240's for good!

My next goal is to be at 220 for Frederick. It's 16 weeks from yesterday. Just don't know how the training schedule will dovetail with weight loss. We'll see how it goes.



Cheryl said...

You're amazing! What a great week you had! (While I sit here trying to get motivated and eating everything in sight.) Why does cold and snow make me want to eat!? Guess it's time to sign up for a spin class.
Way to go, Jeff!

Pat said...

Your right behind me. I better get working harder. maybe diet a bit better too.


Kim Herring said...

Awesome job Jeff! 175 lost - that is so amazing - just think about all of the fitness that you have gained in the process - you are definitely one inspiring guy!!!!

Chief Wahoo said...

175 lost that is awesome! Keep running!