Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Update

It's been a crazy week and the numbers show it. Just two runs last week -- one for 8 and one for 3.25, plus the one spin class. Much less than I need to be doing. Unfortunately, I spent way too much time on airplanes for work. It is a positive, though, getting in one travel run -- even though I packed stuff for three.

The scale was also uncooperative -- up 1.3 pounds for the week to 240.3. Was hoping that I had seen the last of the 240's. Definitely need to work more on the diet.

As for the coming week -- two days of travel to start the week. I'm determined to hit the treadmill tonight and again in the morning. (I'm stuck at the Mexican border for my run across Arizona.) From there, at least three more runs, one or two spin classes and hopefully a weight class.

Sunday, the Team In Training group for my area is having their first group run. I had thought about a 5k, but I think the group 4 miler will be more beneficial.

Want to thank you all, too, for your advice on my little problem I posted about a couple of days ago as well as the encouragement on the long runs. Every bit helps!



Marathoner in Training said...

Keep the running going. When you are out of town, go in the evening after work and before going to bed. Even hit the weight room at the hotel if needed. Ask the front desk for a map of any running paths in the area, most have a short 3-5 mile path to run on in the area. As for the previous post regarding the tee pee, see if they have a to go container...:)

Chief Wahoo said...

It's tough keeping up the running when traveling. But I always find it so enjoyable to run in a differnet place when I actually get motivated to get out and do it.

My upcoming half-marathon is in Hampton, NH on Feb. 10.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you want to talk about your boobies, we're here for you brother.

Pokey said...

LOL, Chubby!

I am having BIG trouble with weekday training runs. I love the long ones on the weekend, but finding time during the week is getting increasingly harder. And when I do have time, it is late at night and I am exhausted and cant even keep up my long run pace:(

Somehow, we all manage to keep it going though - you will totally be able to do it!

Cheryl said...

Good job getting in a run while travelling, Jeff! Hang in there and keep up the good work!

Totally hilarious, Chubby!