Thursday, January 17, 2008


One of my goals for 2008 is to complete a marathon. It may be the only one that I ever do, but once you do one, you're a marathoner for life. Who knows, maybe I'll get hooked!

Monday night, I signed up for the Frederick Marathon through Team In Training (TnT). Officially, I'm now committed! (I'm wondering if I should BE committed.)

TnT has trained over 300,000 athletes participating in endurance events such as marathons, triathlons and 100-mile bike rides. While they've been at it, they've raised over $800 million to fight leukemia, lymphoma and other blood diseases. It's truly a great cause and an amazing story. Deb and I have a close friend that is a survivor of lymphoma, so the cause hits close to home.

I first encountered TnT in Delaware. They had lots of folks out for the marathon and the 10 mile race that I did. In Philly, for the half marathon, there must have been hundreds of participants and coaches on the course. They assign coaches and really get people moving. Very impressive. They keep you positive and motivated through the entire race and get you to the finish line.

For this event, my fundraising goal is $2500. Feel free to check out my TnT Web Page or click on the link to the right on this web page.

Onward to Frederick!



Pat said...

congratulations on taking the first step to running a marathon. You'll never regret it.

The Leukemia Society does great work, thanks for supporting it and I'm proud to make a small contribution.

Good Luck!

Chief Wahoo said...

It's a good day when you can support a worthy cause and achieve a personal goal at the same time!

Good luck with your training!

Pokey said...

OMG Jeff....I just got the CHILLS!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you...and I cant wait to follow along with all your training.

I want to run one someday too....but I really want to *accomplish* the HM in a respectable way first, kwim? Once I do that - then sign me up!!! :P

I'm so excited for you!!!

Cheryl said...

This is a great idea! Good for you! I am glad to now know what Team in Training is, and what they do. Sounds like a great organization. I'm going to check it out and see what's available in my area.

Jenn said...

I found your blog via a RW posting. I have probably spent 1-2 hours over the past day reading many of your posts. It really is inspirational.

I can relate to so many of your struggles. A couple of my big reasons to lose weight is to ride a roller coaster with my sons and to fit comfortably in an airplane seat. I have no idea if I'd even fit on a roller coaster now. I am guessing I am around 250lbs right now. I am too scared to even try and too scared of getting looks. We move back to the states in November, and it is about 24hrs worth of flights and layovers from Guam. I can fit in the seat but without wiggle room...not comfortable!

Anyways- thanks for being so honest in your posts. You are incredible :)