Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Update

After almost two months, finally a good week on the scale. Using the 15-day average, I am down 2.1 pounds from last week's 15-day average to a total loss of 156.3 at 257.7. Also during the week, I flirted with -160 for a day, but I think the scale was playing a joke on me as it didn't last long. For the month, I lost only 1.8 lbs. By far the smallest loss in the past 15 months, but a loss is a loss. I'll take it (as if I had a choice.)

Last week was a big week for exercise with 14.25 running miles and 21 biking plus one day of weights.

No doubt the increased activity made a difference. Still, after yesterday's ride, I think I ate just about everything in sight.

With three months to go, it's time to concede that I won't lose 100 lbs in 2007. Even 75 will be tough -- 18.7 to go -- but that's my target. Lot's of work to do.



Kim Ellis said...

Congrats Jeff on your loss!

And you're right - Kona doesn't suck! lol

Emil Von Asskick said...

When you've come as far and as fast as you have a little taper in the weight loss is more than understandable. Think about it this way, by losing 156.3 lbs, you've done something that almost any elite in any triathlon has never done and never will do. You've walked a road that is so narrow most people can't squeeze themselves through. Be proud of where you've come from because it makes where you're going all the sweeter.

bigmike600 said...

Good week of training and it is good that you see that exercise is what keeps you going.
Sorry I forgot about the Baltimore marathon for next year. I'm probably in. I'll know more as next year rolls in. I hate to miss any of my kids football games as next year he should be playing Friday night under the lights for varsity.

Pokey said...

Way to go on the weight loss Jeff...that is just amazing! You have come so should be VERY proud!