Sunday, October 7, 2007

Anybody Know a Good Glass Company

A couple months ago, my eldest along with the next door neighbor eldest boy put a baseball through our small basement window. We were totally cool with it -- it happens. Neighbors agreed to pay for half. We called out a handyman that we use (as I am definitely not handy) and $132 later, it was done.

With that came some important lessons: stuff happens; don't lie and the pain will be minimized.

I thought we handled it well, but it appears that the lessons were short lived.

Late this afternoon, the kids started acting weird. Finally, #2 tells me that the window "got broke." Tells me that they were playing baseball in the yard and it went through the same window as last time. Tells me where they were standing and that they were playing with a tennis ball. Okay, I tell him that he and his brother will share the cost.

So I go downstairs to survey the damage. The hole is definitely big enough for tennis ball, but I didn't see a tennis ball. I did see a golf ball, though. Can't possibly be a golf ball from the kids 'cause they told me it was a tennis ball that went through the window. Can't possibly be a golf ball through the window 'cause golf balls are not approved back yard equipment. Can't possibly be a golf ball 'cause the kids know that golf balls are not approved back yard equipment.

Seems that they were less than honest. Not a happy dad. Not a happy mom. Happy glass man! Lesson for us -- we'll be putting that board right back over that new glass.



Pat said...

My glass guy is Big Mike. But, he does car glass and he's in the state of many cheeses.

When I was a kid, we used to throw a tennis ball off the chimney in the front of our home. Next to the chimney was my sisters window. We could throw that ball against the brick all day and never miss. One day we missed. It went thru one pane and left the others fine. I went up to her room and retrived the ball. Since we knew we never missed the chimney we continued to play until we missed again. Two panes broken.

broken windows happen. Hopefully, it will be a good lesson for them about honesty.

good luck on the upcoming relay.

Pat said...

Now I feel bad. I better tell my dad about who broke that window. Do you think he knows anyway?

bigmike600 said...

My kids one time broke my bedroom window. Took 3 years for them to finally tell me that they were jumping on the bed playing ninjas and one bumped the other into the glass. The whole time I thought it magically just broke itself:)

I don't have much of a sweet tooth. If I hear the chip bag rattle, I'm drooling. I see a pizza delivery on my street, I'm stressing. Pizza and chips are more addicting than anything for me. I find them irresistable.
Glad you only ate 1..that shows some serious mind control not to throw the day away by eating a dozen (or 2). Nice work.

Anonymous said...

This post has obviously been fabricated since it would imply that #2 and/or #1 either did not follow directions when told never to do something again or, worse, did not tell dad the truth. Since both #2 and #1 also happen to be my grandchildren and are therefor incapable of being anything less than totally forthright it is obvious that this story cannot be true.