Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Dear Mom and Dad --

I thought that it was time to come clean.

In the summer of 1982, you guys went off to Germany for two weeks. You left Neil and I home alone.

I had just graduated from high school and, well, we decided to have some friends over and things might have gotten a bit out of hand. Before you get too concerned, I'll tell you that nobody died. Also, I don't think that the police were there more than once while you were away.

You see, it started with just a few people and then word got out in school and one person told another, who told another, etc. There were people there that we didn't even know. The jocks were there, the heads were there, the preppies even came. Just about every high school demographic was represented. It's fair to say that things got a bit out of control.

Unfortunately, we decided to have this "little" affair just a day or two before your return. There wasn't nearly enough time to clean up.

We got all the obvious stuff. The beer bottles and cans, liquor bottles, cigarette butts, puke off the obvious places, but we just didn't get it all.

I couldn't believe somebody had the gall to break all of the eggs in the fridge. I think that was our undoing. Mom, you found all the egg that went back behind the bottles in the door. I don't remember what excuse I gave you, but you weren't buying. It was pretty bad. Somebody else turned our basketball net from horizontal to vertical. Can't believe that they did that.

Since you're headed off to Europe for the first time since then for a much deserved vacation, I thought it was time to spill my guts. Have a great time. . . and thanks for the keys to the house!



Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Cool party at Jeff's Parents house. Spread the word.

Pat said...

yeah, but this time it will be all runners. The parents will come home and say, what's that smell?

Jeff said...

Who's in charge of spiking the Gatorade?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Freakin' let me take the heat for that too. Too bad you were too much of a wuss to come clean at dinner the other night. LIED right to your mothers face! You know what you did!

Anonymous said...

Your own kids shall return the favor some day I am sure. ;)

Roger S said...

If I wasn't out globetrotting somewhere, I can't believe I didn't get a call. And if they for one second thought I was there, it would have been ALL my fault and you guys woulda been off the hook. For shame!!! ... so what time should I show up this time?

Pokey said...

Sweet! what time should we be there?

Too funny Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Funny, brings up my own memories of when my parents went to Europe.

Unknown said...

Funny stuff man.
I'll bring the tequila.

bigmike600 said...

Party at Jeff's...wait I'm old now and too tired from training. I need to be home in bed by 9:30.

BTW-I went to a party like that in high school and someone puked in the guys mom and dad's bed and just pulled the covers over it. Needless to say...he got busted for it.

Anonymous said...

Since you buried this while we were away I posted my response with your most recent post. Here it is again:

Just read your post from 10/16. Not all that much different from what we remember. You forgot about the joint remnants and matches around the hot tub. We're really not as dumb as you think, y'know. And if you were really baring your soul you wouldn't have waited until we left for a 2-week vacation out of our internet range to "confess". Love, Dad