Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wow, Am I Late!

The last few days have been crazy. My dad had a procedure on his heart yesterday, but all looks good and he should be coming home from the hospital this afternoon.

Since I posted last, the scale has been sliding back in the right direction, however not enough to keep the week at a gain of 1.7 to 242.0. My exercise levels continue to increase and I'm thinking (hoping) that it's more an issue of increased muscle that will ultimately work in my favor.

Very good mileage for the week -- a total of 21.1 miles, including an 8 mile long run, and four others around 3 1/4 each. Last week's 8 miler was 5 1/2 minutes faster than the week before. Only difference was that I took a spin class prior to the 8 miler the week before. This week I did the 8, then spin.

Speaking of that Saturday spin, the 8am class is taught by Homer, a middle aged guy, maybe late 40's, with a spare tire to boot. Now, I sure don't mind looking at the usual variety of instructors -- mid-20's women with 4% body fat (just looking, Deb!) -- but it's nice to see an "ordinary guy" running one of these, for sure.

Without a doubt, Homer is the "King of Pain". This class rocks and the pain is evident across the board. Plenty of sicko's love the pain, cause there's always a long waiting list for Homer's classes. Lots of in and out of the saddle. Lots of speed work. You name it, The King throws it out there -- and he's happy to dish it out!

Saturday was the first time I ran before a spin class. Saturday was the last time I'll run before a spin class, espeically The King's class. Ten minutes in and I was calculating how early I could bolt without being noticed. Fifteen minutes and I thought I'd need a wheel chair to get to the locker room. As the clock continued, I managed to stick it out. Never made all of Homer's UP - DOWN - UP - DOWN's, but I did make it to the end.

I mentioned that I'm Walking Across Arizona (WAA). This was the first week for that. In calculating mileage for WAA, they allow you to convert other types of exercise into mileage. That works out pretty well -- spin classes work out to 1 mile per quarter hour. Just about everything counts. With a goal of 25.6 miles per week, I was able to count 32.6 miles for the week. The Mexican border is long out of my rear view mirror, looking forward to touring Tucson.

I think I'm caught up now.



Kim Herring said...

I know people who run before spinning and I just can't bring myself to do it - before yes after no! Good job on the workouts!

Cheryl said...

An 8 mile run and a spin class on the same day sounds like torture to me, no matter which one you do first! You're doing great, Jeff! Awesome mileage for the Walk Across AZ, too!

Best wishes to your Dad for good health!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Hope all is well with your dad Jeff and you get your workout partner back soon.

Chief Wahoo said...

Nice work pushing through the spin class after the eight miler - I would have been taking a nap!

Marathoner in Training said...

How about a picture of the instructor....
Just a thought. Great job on your week with everything considering. Hope your dad is feeling better.