Thursday, February 28, 2008

3 Days and Counting

The B & A Trail Half Marathon is just three days away and after a great long run, I've suffered this week.

Because of my travel schedule this week, I did my Wednesday "sorta long run" of seven miles on Tuesday. By a mile and a half in, I started to feel fatigued and a bit queasy. (I was thinking that the awesome Indian cauliflower and potato dinner from Monday night might not be sitting well. Maybe it was the second bowl.) Even sipping on my Gatorade made me feel worse. Regardless, I pressed on. Somehow, I made it through the seven, but it wasn't pretty, or fun.

From the gym, it was off to the airport. I have a pretty poor history of running on the road. All of the hotels I stay at have treadmills. Even my corporate HQ has treadmills and shower facilities. I have schlepped my gear way too many times for it not to see the light of day. This time, though I was determined -- particularly when a co-worker said they'd be hitting the fitness room early Wed. Now, I have accountability.

The alarm went off early Wednesday and I headed to the fitness room. Not a great run, but I've had worse. Struggled on endurance as I only made it half way of the 3 1/4 miles without walking. In the end, though, I made it through in okay time.

Wednesday night, after an all-day meeting, we headed to a local restaurant, Bella's, which serves the best veal marsala I've ever had. First, though, there were the appetizers of shrimp cocktail, roasted red peppers and mozzarella, and stuffed mushrooms. That with a couple glasses of wine left me full when the veal arrived. Oooh, it was good, but I could only finish half.

This morning came way too quick. I did diligently head down to the gym, but after just a mile, I was felt like crap and was toast. I gave in and headed back to get ready to go home. Not a great finish.

So tomorrow, I'm planning to finally get in a spin this week, then try for a good last short run before Sunday's half. I sure wish I still had Saturday's great feelings back.

Just need to get psyched.



K80K said...

Consider it your body forcing you into a pre-race taper. You are going to do great this weekend, just don't eat any veal or indian food on Saturday. ;) Plus my Dad will be there with your poster yelling, "GO Jeff"! How can you not run a good race when you have a fan?

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

I must agree with k80k (hi Katie) it is a taper week for you Jeff. I see a great 1/2 Marathon this weekend for you.

Pokey said...


You are going to be fantastic! Cant wait for the race report :)

You have a fan? I am totally jealous ;)

Chief Wahoo said...

It will all come together for you Sunday! Don't push yourself before then. You have put in the miles and you will do GREAT!

I feel you pain about running and traveling on business.

Roger S said...

By the time you get to the starting line your adrenalin will be pumping!! I used to have some of my best days after lousy practices. You'll do great!!

J~Mom said...

Have a great race!!!!!! It's hard not to worry but you have prepared and you are going to do awesome!! Try to rest and relax!!

Pat said...

I guess today is race day. I hope you have a great day and run well. sorry I haven't been around lately.