Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shoe Fetish?

It struck me as I was packing up to leave the gym yesterday that I might be have some sort of male shoe fetish.

18 months ago, I think I owned four pair of shoes:
  • sneakers that I wore around town and to work at my local office

  • dress shoes for well, the obvious, one pair, black

  • canvas boat shoes, for around the house

  • water shoes -- something for the beach

That was about it.

Today, I took four pair TO THE GYM!

  • around town sneakers for going to and from

  • mountain bike shoes with hard soles for spinning

  • running shoes for, well running (duh!)

  • shower shoes (compliments of the fine folks at Spenco and the Philly Distance Run)

I think I'm up to 10 pair total. Is it just me? Maybe need some kind of scientific review of this phenomenon -- as weight goes down, shoe ownership goes up. Just an observation.

Merry Christmas, all!



Dan Seifring said...

Did I miss a free pair of shoes at the PDR?

Pokey said...

Yes, I'm a numbers gal ~ I would like to see some scientific evidence to support your conclusion :P

Too funny.....we'll start calling you Imelda Marcos ;)

Pat said...

I have some spenco slip ons too. I love 'em, not that there real high quality. they were the right price -free.

I'm sure you said before, but how do you manage your food intake? do you use any diet program?


Jeff said...

Yes, Dan, you did. Maybe they didn't have them ready for the fast finishers like you!

Pokey, just call me Jeffelda!

Pat, agreed, but they're perfect for walking from the locker to the shower at the gym.

As for food intake, I was doing South Beach up until early summer, but I didn't feel like I was getting enough fuel (carbs) for exercise exceeding an hour. Since then, I don't generally count calories, but I now mostly higher carbs, but low fat foods and lean meats. Lots of veggies and salds. Try to keep the proteins down to 6-8 oz per day.

I did the Dean Ornish "Eat More Weigh Less" program about a dozen years ago. I'd say it's pretty close to that, though he advocates for a vegetarian life style. It's a pretty good guide, though.

J-Wim said...

Uh, dude.... you need more shoes. That will always be my answer, just ask Mike.
I bought about 10 pairs just Christmas shopping this month.

Cheryl said...

That's so funny, Imelda! :-) I have the same problem with too many shoes at the gym, plus the lockers are too small for all that gear!

Kim Ellis said...

Can you fit that all in one gym bag? On Saturday I walked into the gym with two bags - it looked like I was moving in.