Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fit Week

It's been a good week for fitness.

I took advantage of the week off to pick up a 7 day pass at the local Lifetime Fitness club. If there is a nirvana for fitness clubs, I think this must be it. The equipment is pristine and plentiful, lots of classes, free weights, a gym for basketball, two indoor and one outdoor pool, even a rock climbing wall.

I sat through the mandatory sales pitch on Wednesday, planning to get the most out of the club through New Year's Day. On Wednesday afternoon, I took the kids for family swim. Thursday and Friday, were spin classes. Saturday was another swim day with the kids, plus some hoops and our first ever try on the rock wall. This morning, a 2-mile run and the 90-minute "recovery" spin class.

The club is fantastic. Even the locker rooms are sweet. I've not been in anything else like it. Even better, we swam yesterday with some neighbors and today, Jill was in the spin class.

Not a bad way to spend the week!

So, when will we join? As they say in real estate, location, location, location. The club is about a 20 minute ride from home and there are other options that will better serve our needs. Hope to seal that deal in the next week. But for now, looking forward to two more days of fun!


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