Sunday, December 2, 2007

Emotions, but not Mixed

So today was the big Columbia Metric Marathon. I wish I was writing to talk about how awesome the run was. How I beat the 3:30 cutoff by ten minutes or so. That I was sore, but it was all worth it and I was ready to go for my first full marathon.

Unfortunately, there'll be none of that. Please indulge me as I whine just a bit.

As I left my house to take the kids to Hebrew School, I turned right a block and a half from the home and there there it was. . . the water stop at mile 5 and lots of runners doing what runners do. I was supposed to be right there with them (well, just a few miles back at that point,) but alas, I was driving my car, not paying attention to my kids arguing about whether Army-Navy or Michigan-Ohio State were the biggest rivalries in college football, me just bumming, wishing I was pounding the pavement. (The correct answer is Army-Navy, by the way.)

The backup plan was the Sunday ride, but the weather was crappy. Calling for rain and just barely not ice. The car thermometer read 33 and I woulda been there if not for the precip forecast and the few droplets I felt before we left.

At school, there was one lone rider who proclaimed the rain would hold off until 1. Another plan foiled? I hope not.

With my free time, I headed off to the nearest Starbucks and then to the finish line of race to watch for my buddy Dave. I arrived with 1:38 on the clock. The first few finishers had crossed the line and there were but a few spectators. Dave should cross just after 2:00. In the mean time, I did my duty and clapped for all the finishers. I think I was the only brave sole not wearing gloves so the runners could actually hear me (and a dozen other muffled, gloved claps.) Dave crossed at 2:04:16. We chatted as I still wished I was on the course at about mile 11.

Then it was time to pick up kid #2. I hadn't realized that part of the course was right near Hebrew School at about mile 14. Again, wishing I was there (and at that point, I probably would have been right there.) Or, on my bike as the rain did, in fact, hold off. But there would be none of that.

So, tomorrow is the day. I must call the doctor and I must get my ankles in shape. After all, just five months till Frederick and these legs need to carry me 26 miles.

End of whine. Thanks for indulging me.



Pat said...

sorry you didn't get to race today, but there will be many more races in your future.

Arizona State and Arizona play for the Territorial Cup. I heard this week it's the oldest rivalry game played. Yeah, I find that surprising too. Must be the oldest in which they actually give a cup out or something.

my vote is for OSU and the team up north. It's quite a rivalry.

Pat said...

I was rooting for the Ravens. sorry they didn't win. the other receiver almost took the ball out of his hands on the 2, he would have scored.

Cheryl said...

A well deserved whine, if I do say so myself. Sorry you had to watch the race and not participate. Hope you get the ankle fixed up so you can race again next year.

And, being from Michigan originally, I'd have to say the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State is the biggest!

Dodger said...

Jabar Gaffney is, after all, a Gator. It's about time a Gator had a good week in the NFL. Next for the Gators - Michigan. (Cheryl, sorry to say the Gators will spoil Lloyd Carr's swan song.) As for the Ravens - when I left Baltimore they were the Cleveland Browns. I'm a Texan now, seein' as how my hometown team was the BALTIMORE Colts.

Neph Jeff, I feel your pain about missing the race. There will be plenty. Get on the bike, stay in shape. Keep on keepin' on. UR

Dodger said...


Pat said...

Hope you had a great festival of lights.