Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Jeff Did

Quite some time ago, I wrote about the company weight loss contest. Usually, the organizers get fed up in early fall and the contest is in full swing by this time of year, but not this year. Apparently, they waited till they had their fill of turkey to figure out that they needed to add a new larger pants size to their holiday shopping list.

The memo came out a couple of days ago and was followed by the usual self-deprecating too-fat admissions and admonitions e-mail chains. Just about everyone has opted in "for the last time."

One memo really hit home as to how far I have traveled. It went something like this: I am in big time! This is the final time for me too. I want to do what Jeff did, lose a person!

The writer certainly doesn't have the spare tire that I had (maybe spare tires that I had is more like it), but he is the very respected company Chairman. It meant a lot coming from him.

Frankly, I think I've scared the hell out of many of the usual participants. Over the years of the contest, only one or two people have managed to maintain their losses. Many have put the weight right back on, as I have always done. With all the losing and gaining going on, there have been two of us that have been in the supreme-fat category that those medium-fat folks have always been able to look at and think that at least the two of us will always be bigger than them. Well, now I'm pretty close to where they are and soon to pass, for good.

I commented to one of the guys a few weeks ago that I was catching up to him fast. He responded "no shit, I've gotta get moving." It's interesting that there seems to be a fear of my passing them by on the scale. A feat once hundreds of pounds of impossible.

I'm not threatened by their apparent fear, but maybe more energized by it. I'm actually considering joining the contest, even though I opted out (but would have won) last time around. It goes for four months and 15% loss usually takes it, if not less. That's about 36 pounds or 9 pounds a month. Certainly that's more than I've been losing, but it can be done. I've got a couple of weeks to decide. I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, I'll just enjoy the respect!



J-Wim said...

Funny how perspectives change isn't it? I think you should do it. Kick butt and take names, then tell them how it's done - hard work and moderation, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Screw them. It's not your job to make them feel "normal." It's your job to be the best ever Jeff, especially if that included kicking their butts on the way by...


Anonymous said...

How come I can't post on your blog without making a typographical error?

Cheryl said...

That's an awesome compliment, that people want to do what you did! Yeah, you should just bask in that for a while! :-)

Pokey said...

Way to motivate, Jeff! Those folks could learn a ton from you!