Sunday, November 18, 2007


Truth be told, I do not look forward to the long runs. Up to about 6 or 7 miles, I'm good to go, but pushing up towards double digits, not so much.

For one reason or another, I've struggled to get in the miles that I've needed for the long runs over the weekends. Last weeks planned 10 turned out to be 6.6. Yesterday, I really needed to put in 10, as the Columbia Metric Marathon is just two weeks out now, but I got started too late and darkness hit before I could finish. As I approached the house, I thought I could come in and finish on the treadmill. I cleared 7.6 outside, then wrapped up my own little duatha-run on the treadmill to make the 10.

Part of the Metric course goes just a block and a half from my house, then down a big hill and up a monster hill -- Tollhouse Road. Those that have run the race consider that the hardest part of the run. I had wanted to run Tollhouse, but most of my training was indoors up to now. Yesterday, I did it. Tollhouse is about a mile long and runs 2/3 up hill, about 1/6 flat and 1/6 slightly downhill. The uphill portions run between 7.5% and 11% gradient. The picture below is from the full run. Push pins show Tollhouse Road.

The run was good, but slow. Average time for the full 10 miles of about 12:30. Problem is the Metric has a 3:30 time limit for 16.2 -- I project yesterday out at 3:24, and I've not been prone to negative splits. I decided that I really want to do the run, regardless of the time. Looks like they publish 3:30, but don't enforce it. The last two years they've had times in excess of that. Regardless, I'm all in. Check goes in the mail tomorrow!

Felt a bit of muscle pain, so I bagged the Sunday bike ride. Caught some serious hell when I ran into the guys after the ride. Note to self: next time, suck it up!

Picked up another race this week. We had nothing planned for Turkey Day (we're leaving the cooking to JoBrotha and Mrs. JoBrotha) so I found this 5 mi Turkey Trot not too far from home. Deb and the boys will do the 3 mi walk.


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Dave said...

Fitting that the hill capable of making other toss their cookies is called "Toll House." I look forward to seeing you at the starting line buddy! (Hopefully this year I'll be there when the gun goes off, and not in the port-a-john like last year!)