Monday, November 19, 2007

Seems Like Monday Once a Week

It's Monday again, but I'm looking forward to the short work week and the long holiday weekend.

All of my exercise this week was on foot as I did 20.2 miles, my highest mileage week in quite some time, highlighted by the 10 miles on Saturday and wrapped up with the Dazzle Dash Walk for our local hospital foundation.

The Dash is in a park-like area known as Symphony Woods where there are holiday themed light displays throughout the 1.4 mile course. My eldest led the pack of 800-1000 participants by chasing after Santa in the lead car and finishing first. Deb and I strolled through and enjoyed the lights as we wondered if our #1 would be waiting at the end for us. He was most excited to tell us of his "run" in the "walk". I would have kept pace with him had I not picked this night to eat half of my first hot dog in well over a year. (Is it possible that I used to like those things? Blech!)

The scale was again positive as my 15-day average dropped 1.3 pounds to 243.2, a total loss of 170.8. Included in the average was my first sub-240 reading on Sunday. Looking forward to moving into that neighborhood permanently over the next couple of weeks.

With lots of miles planned for the week ahead, I'm looking forward to another positive week as Turkey Day will be a minor blip in the road.


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