Monday, December 10, 2007

Slug. . . Continued

Another week without activity. I was so looking forward to getting out on my bike yesterday, but again, the weather man would not cooperated. Overcast early morning skies turned to rain by 9, which lasted 'till early afternoon.

By that time, we were in full preparation for my family Hanukkah meal with my parents, brother and his extended family in attendance for Deb's amazing and spectacular potato latkes. That preparation included three separate trips to the grocery store, peeling 12 pounds of potatoes and getting the house and table in order. Ma brought her famous glazed corned beef and the order to eat was given.

Everyone left the house in good spirits with a full belly.

That, of course, led to this morning's weigh in. Not surprisingly, the scale is up 1.4 pounds over last week and 2.6 over two weeks, at a 15-day average of 245.1.

With 3 weeks left in the month, I have much work to do to get down to the 239 goal for year end. Hanukkah is now over and medium the canister of Williamsburg Peanuts is now gone (in a record three days, I might add!) I'm ready to lose!



Dan Seifring said...

Good luck getting back into the groove Jeff.

Pat said...

I always say if you weigh the same on Dec 1 and Dec 31, you've won the battle.

Cheryl said...

Wow, that's a lot of potatoes to peel! Sounds delicious. Nothing better than getting together with family for the holidays.
Hope your ankle cooperates, so you can get back into action. Have you thought about trying rowing as an off-season, easy on the joints, workout?

Anonymous said...

Mmm... latkes! Sounds like you had some wonderful family time. Hanukkah is pretty low profile here in VT; I miss it.

C'mon Jeff - back on the proverbial horse!

Pokey said...

Holidays are tough...hang in there with the rest of us!!!!