Friday, December 14, 2007

Riding with the Wind

Got out on my bike and put in 25 miles yesterday. It was chilly, but it was an awesome ride. My first "really cold" ride with temps in the mid 30's. All of that cold weather gear from Nashbar was perfect, from my feet to my hair! I felt really strong as I averaged 14.4 mph, a personal best. It was awesome.

Felt so invigorated when I got back, put my running gear on and did 5 chilly miles. Nice run!

Alas, I came out of my stupor. Wish I was there! Another crappy weather weekend on tap makes me wonder if I'll remember what it's like to ride.

Work's been crazy. Life has been crazy. Barely time to breathe. Sorry for not writing, and I'm way behind on my regular reads, too! Thanks, too, for all the Hanukkah wishes. We survived the holiday. Looking forward to movies and Chinese food on Christmas Day. (That's what Jews do on Christmas, in case you've wondered.)

All for now. . .



Unknown said...

Excellent! I kind of like the challenge of running and biking in the cold in my own warped way.
Glad your holidays went well and you are able to start getting back on track.
Enjoy your Chinese feast ins few days - that made me laugh!

Roger S said...

Glad to see you're "back in the saddle again." (My thanks to Gene Autry)

Pat said...

nice workout. But what do chinese jews do on Christmas day?

Hope your whole family is having a great Holiday Season.