Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays Monday Update

Another good week in the books on the scale as I lost 1.4 lbs (15 day average) down to 243.2, a total of 170.8 with 44.2 to goal. I seem to be back in the groove as the year is coming to a close, much like this time last year.

Looking back, I was trying to hit 100 lbs by years end 2006. On 12/28, I had 5.4 to go (daily weight, not 15 day average.) By New Year's Eve, in just 3 days, I had lost 6 pounds to make goal.

This year's goal seems to be much more daunting. With a week to go, it will be very difficult to get my 15 day average to a point where another 4.2 falls. I'd need to be down about 10 pounds from where I am this morning. Unlikely, but I'm game to try!

Good news on the exercise front as well. This morning I attended my second spin class. Another enjoyable experience. After the class, I gave my ankles a try out on the treadmill. I was able to run a mile non-stop without pain. This is excellent news. I'll continue to push the running at home. Although I won't hit my previous goal of 400 miles, with 60.6 go to, I should be able to easily run 10.6 to break 350 for 2007 and possibly 30.6 to hit 600 for the "new-life-to-date."

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate. If not, have some chow mein on me!



Dan Seifring said...

Nice job with the exercise and weight Jeff. And I do hope you enjoy the movie and Chow Mein.

Cheryl said...

Hey Jeff, one of the local TV staions here in Bangor did a story on the growing trend of people eating out for Christmas, rather than fixing a big dinner at home, and a big part of the trend was toward Chinese food. I thought of you when I heard that. I guess this Jewish tradition is catching on with people of all faiths! Who knew?

Cheryl said...

PS... I forgot to say Congrats on the spinning, treadmill, and weight loss! Way to go!