Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Father Kicked My Ass. . . And I Liked It!

I had been wanting to take a spin class for months. My gym, unfortunately, doesn't offer it. About a month ago, I asked my dad if he would bring me as a guest. I have been more excited about this than just about any exercise I've done in this past year and a half.

Finally, today was the day.

I met dad at the gym just before the 9 o'clock class.

We went in and picked bikes , then warmed up.

The instructor came in and introduced himself around the room and got set up.

Just after nine, the music was on, the lights were down and we were off.

For the first 10 minutes, we were warming up. I was in full sweat though, and the heart rate was definitely elevated. I looked over at dad and he was doing just fine. By 15 minutes, we were all more than warm and I started to clock watch. How the hell was I gonna get through the next 45 minutes. I did okay for the first 20-25 minutes, but after that, I struggled on the "out of the saddle" rides.

Somewhere shortly after that, a reggae style cover version of the Eagles' Hotel California came on. This is my favorite song and I was trying desperately to sing along but couldn't quite keep up with the ups and downs of the spin instructor and the music. Fairly early on, my pace caught the instructor's eye and he shouted over to me to tighten the resistance on the bike. I did, and he yelled "MORE!" That 7 minutes or so was totally intense, with six or seven in and out of the saddle portions. It was fantastic.

By this time, I was pretty much running on fumes. Dad was holding steady.

I could barely get off the bike when the hour was over, but I loved it! Totally impressed with my mid-60's dad too! He kicked my ass!

Can't wait to go back for more.



Roger S said...

I'm proud of you both. I hope he didn't razz you too much. Keep it up NJ. Maybe one of these days...

Pokey said...

WTG Dad and Jeff!!!!

I hear those spinning classes can be brutal! Awesome job!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, a note to FFRG and dodger: I do not tease incessantly like a certain linear antecedent of ours.

Actually, son, you did great! Spinning has 2 great benefits over running. First of all, it's non-impact. As you will undoubtedly discover, there is an inevitable consequence of both the natural aging process and the effects of carrying around all that excess weight for 30+ years. You will probably one day need some special care for your knees, hips and possibly other lower body parts. They'll last much longer without the pounding of 250+ lbs a couple of thousand times per run.

The second is the effect of a programmed workout. When I exercise alone I tend to talk more than I sweat (shocker!) and I get less benefit from 2 hours alone than from an hour with a trainer or spin instructor. Having someone kick your ass is a great motivator. Of course, so is the serious eye candy in the row in front of us.

And speaking of motivators, I am embarrassed to admit that you now have a smaller waist than I do. As soon as our customers and suppliers stop dropping off candy and popcorn at the office I intend to take back the lead. As I said, will power (won't power?) ain't my strong suit!

Unknown said...

Spin Classes are supposed to be brutal. Then when you can get back on your bike again for real, you appreciate it more.

Dr. Soos said...


I just spent two hours laughing (especially the Oct. entry regarding your parents' trip abroad...memories...) and crying while reading your entire journey. I am sooooooo proud of you!!! I can't believe you didn't mention anything when I spoke with you in the summer!! When we were 14 you were a great guy and a great friend, capable of anything! You have really accomplished amazing things as a man! I was there for some of your struggles and I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I am truly inspired!!!

Roger S said...

Au contraire, mon frere. You have been known to be an incessant teaser. And why would I think that after 60 years?

But I digress....

Jeff said...

Thanks, UR.

Dad -- you have been know to tease, but you don't hold a candle to Rube -- he was the master.

Speaking of talking -- didn't we catch hell today for doing just that?

j-wim -- I hear ya -- I already can't wait to get back on the bike.

Dr. Soos -- Took me a minute to figure you out. I miss ya! Thanks for posting. We must get together.

Kim Herring said...

Okay - so I'm a little late in ready your blog but better late than never after seeing this post. Spinning is one of the best workouts I get all week. It is definitely my favorite wintertime workout - I do two classes back-to-back on Saturdays for a glorious 2 hr 15 min spinning session. Sick I know but well worth the effort.

Keep up the good work!