Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Monday's are Better than Others

The start of the work week is not usually the happiest day of the week, especially when I've got travel on the schedule, but the past few weeks have brought good news from the health and wellness department.

Finally got back on the treadmill on Tuesday night at Deb's urging as I wrote about last week. I added 4 on Friday. My original plan was to run 8-10 on Saturday in the neighborhood or at the local park, but the morning waned and so did my desire to go out. I was able to complete 8 on the treadmill, though for a total of 16 miles for the week. Yesterday, I wrapped up the week with the regular Sunday ride of 21 miles. Given the temps in the low 50's, I was surprised that we had a fairly large group 8 to ride. I definitely felt a bit sluggish half way into the ride, probably coming off the long run on Saturday. My target for this week is 20 miles of running as the Columbia Metric is less than 4 weeks away.

The scale continues to move strongly in the right direction. 15-day average is down 4.4 pounds to 247.4, a total loss of 166.6. I also hit my low on Saturday of 241.6. It seems that as soon as I reset my goal for this year to 75 lbs, the scale started moving quickly and I'm now just a couple of pounds away.



Pat said...

good job on the weight loss. Maybe we should trade scales, mine doesn't seem to move. I'd spray it with wd40, but it's digital.

Kim Herring said...

Way to keep on track Jeff! I know that you will make your goal for Frederick!

Pokey said...

My scale doesn't move either!!! :I

Oh wait...yes it does...just in the wrong direction.

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Awesome job with the weight Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Mine moves, just in the wrong direction. :/

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Way to go, you are a inspiration to me and many other I am sure.

I started running myself but the weight is not moving much, can you let me in on what is your diet please. That would be really appreciated.

Yan from Montreal