Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"The Hardest Marathon I've Ever Run, Bar None!"


Those were the words of my friend Dave who completed Frederick in 3:29, his 10th marathon.

I finished in about 5:52 (can't get to the results page for some reason.)

It was an amazing and emotional day.

Much to say but the report will have to wait a day or so.

Thanks for all of the well wishes. They came in handy.



Terry said...

YOu did it. I'm so happy for you. Congrats. I have been thinking about you all day long. GREAT JOB.

Born to Run said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a wonderful accomplishment!


K80K said...

Great job Jeff! I checked when I got done my race and you hadn't finished yet. I was thinking of you all day as I was walking EPCOT excited to get back and check your results. Congratulations!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I take my hat off to you Jeff!

Well done.

Rob said...

Great achievement Jeff. Just awesome.

Dave said...

Jeff - We are all awed, amazed, thrilled and ecstatic at what you accomplished today - however, one thing we are surprised. YOU have put in the effort, YOU continue to overcome every obstacle in front of you, YOU became mentally tougher than you ever thought possible. YOU DID IT. We were all witnesses. One year ago at a bar getting ready for the Delaware 10M & marathon, you said "We are going to do one next year" - and there was NEVER any doubt in my mind that you could do it. 26.2 is yours - now put that sticker on your car!

Congratulations Jeff - we couldn't be prouder.

Jeff Sweren - 43
Ellicott City, MD
Bib #959
Clock Time 5:55:44
Chip Time 5:52:32
Overall Place 883 / 924
Gender Place 588 / 598
Division Place 114 / 114
Age Grade 37.2%
Total Pace 13:27/M
6 5M Rank 880
6 5M Time 1:16:51
6 5M Pace 11:49/M
13 1M Rank 879
13 1M Time 2:39:55
13 1M Pace 11:58/M
21M Rank 877
21M Time 4:38:14
21M Pace 13:06/M
24M Rank 878
24M Time 5:21:25
24M Pace 13:16/M
Finish Rank 883
Finish Time 5:55:43
Finish Pace 13:27/M


Emil Von Runner said...

Congratulations man! I was thinking about you all day yesterday. I'm very happy you were able to accomplish your goal.

Chief Wahoo said...


Can't wait to hear the details!

Amuldoon said...

Way to friggin go Jeff!

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the full report.


jaybird said...

WOW! What a day! 2 years and 180+ lbs ago who ever woulda thunk it! We are so proud of you!

Anonymous said...


Can't wait for the race report!

Kim Ellis said...

Jeff you are amazing! Way to set a goal and not just accomplish it but conquer it. I look forward to hearing the race report.

Dodger said...

I've read today's entry a dozen times and get emotional each time. Dad's phone call yesterday was by far this year's #1 highlight. Proud beyond words can't describe what we feel. L'CHAIM!!!!!

J~Mom said...



So happy for you!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Hey... in regards to your inquiry on an upcoming race: Yes!

I'll be running the Ottawa Half Marathon.

Last long training run this weekend... 20k and then the taper begins!

I think I might right the Niagara Falls one in the fall also... its flat!

Christina said...

way to go on running the Marathon :)

CoachLiz said...

Congratulations Jeff!!!

I stumbled upon your blog and I really enjoyed reading your race report. You are truely a HERO to the patients and their families who you were running for and for the thousands of other across the country.

I am into the home stretch with my TNT triathletes as they prepare for their race on May 25th and we just had Kick Off for the fall season and I will be fundraising for the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon.

I will check back in with you!

Nat said...

Congratulations!! :)