Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Frederick Report -- Pics

With Coach Mohan after he brought me home.
Emotions let loose when I finally got to hug Deb.

My family truly supported me -- through training and on the big day. From the left: Sherri (sister-in-law), Rachel (niece), Ryan (nephew), Mom, Matty, Deb, me, Zach and Dad. (Not Pictured: Brother Neil (jo brotha) -- en route to Vegas for a business trip. He was there in spirit.) I could not have asked for better supporters.

REWARD! -- A trip to Red Robin for burgers, beers and BOTTOMLESS FRIES!

And, yes, I was a total geek wearing that medal around my neck. It could wait a day before it starts to gather dust.

Proud Parents.



K80K said...

Wear that medal with pride my friend! I wore my Disney one the whole week and even home on the airplane. You are a man after my own heart celebrating your race with cheeseburgers and fries. That is exactly how I role. :D

Roger S said...

The only people missing from those pics besides Jo brotha are me and AD. Wish we coulda been there to celebrate with the family. UR

Daiquiri princess said...

AWESOME photos.

K80K said...

BTW - We need to see a picture of the bling!

J~Mom said...

Great pictures!!! I always wear my medal! :>D

Cheryl said...

You look fantastic with that medal around your neck! You deserve to relish this amazing accomplishment. Awesome job, Jeff!