Sunday, March 23, 2008

Propel Taste Test

I got an email about a week ago from a woman that works for the ad agency for Propel Fit Water. Immediately, it looked like more than just spam, it refereced very specific things from my blog. She had done some homework.

I have really struggled with the whole activity, beverage, gel, etc, calorie thing. What do you drink or eat, when do you do it, yada yada. My whole dieting life, I've thought Sugar=Bad and not much beyond that. Of course, I know more now, but it's still a struggle.

In her email, she said: "I wanted to share with you and your community some surprising information regarding the range of calories found in many vitamin enhanced waters. Propel contains 25 calories per 20 oz bottle while other vitamin enhanced waters can contain 125 calories per 20 oz bottle."

So, I didn't just ignore the note. Maybe I could learn something more here. After a few emails back and forth, she said she'd send me some Propel to try. Now, first I'm thinking she'll send me some coupons. I guess the coupon thing leaves too much wiggle room. No certainty that the prouct will ever make it into my hands. She was mailing them.

When I got home from my run on Thursday, Deb said that I had received a package from Fed Ex. Sure enough, the Propel folks had overnighted me some stuff. (I couldn't help but to think that there must be a better way to get this stuff to me rather than spending thirty bucks on FedEx, but who am I to complain.)

The sticker on the side of the box reads "Thirsty for something new? Look inside." Okay, I can follow instructions.

Inside the box are three bottles of Propel: Lemon, Grape and Kiwi-Strawberry. And, another box labeled "New" with a G2 logo. Wow, that's a lot of packaging! It sure looks pretty, though, don't you think? Couldn't wait to see the inside of the box.

I opened the box inside and there is a bottle of Gatorade (Lemon Lime) and G2 (Fruit Punch). There was also all kinds of information on the products themselves. Calories, when to use, stuff like that.

After my shower, I took the time to do the offical taste test of the Propel. (I skipped the Gatorade, since I find the lemon lime original flavor barely drinkable. The G2 is my preferred beverage and flavor as well.)

I was most skeptical of the lemon flavor. I don't like lemon in my water and always appreciate the when the server in a restaurant asks if I'd like it. I tried this first and was surprised to find that the flavor was mild, but sweet enough that it didn't leave the drink tart. Next up was the Grape. This flavor was strong, too sweet for me. The kiwi-strawberry was okay, but I'm not a strawberry guy.

All in all, I was surprised how light the drinks tasted. I expected a thicker taste, more like gatorade, but these were much different that I expected. For me, the lemon was best and with just 25 calories in a 20 oz bottle, it's low enough to get instead of a diet soda.

This morning, I did the taste test with the kids and Deb. We came out united -- like lemon best, grape the least (including one official "yuck!)

So there you have it for what it's worth.



bigmike600 said...

We drink a ton of the propel and the G2. I am however going to start drinking the Gatorade endurance formula as it seems that is what the aid stations at most triathlons seem to have and it would be good to know if my stomach likes it before I have to drink it.

Anonymous said...

I think Energy Drinks are overrated. We should just drink water.

Chief Wahoo said...

Is the propel designed to provide energy like gatorade or is it just flavored water?

Dan Seifring said...

I came to read about the long run. Did I miss something?

Cheryl said...

That's cool that they sent you the other drinks, too, so you could do your own taste test. I like the lemon-lime Gatorade, but reading the label makes me wonder if it's worth all those extra calories in order to get the sodium and potassium needed for a long workout. So I switched to the G2. So far those are the only ones I've tried.

I am curious, too, and had the same question as chief wahoo.... does Propel supply other nutrients? Maybe I'll have to try some.