Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Week in the Books

Mileage continues to pile up en route to Frederick, now less than 8 weeks away.

Saturday's long run at 15 miles was moved indoors (nothing really new, here) as winter's grip continued in the area with a chilly rain. I took a short break at each hour mark to refill my water bottle so splits worked out like this:

Hour 1 -- 5.40 miles -- 11:07 average
Hour 2 -- 5.35 miles -- 11:13 average
Final 4.25 miles in 51:23 -- 12:05 average

Total of 15 miles in 2:51:23 -- 11:23 average

I had a goal to break 3 hours for the run, so I'm happy with that time.

Total mileage for the week was about 28 miles. This was just short of goal of 29 as I struggled to get in a decent run after my Body Pump class on Thursday -- Oh, the pain!

This week's mileage target is 32 miles, including 16 long and 8 "sorta-long" runs. Unfortunately, it's looking like the weatherman has more rain in store for this area on Saturday. Hopefully, all this rain will bode well for a dry marathon on May 4.

On the scale front, more cooperation this week as I erased last weeks gain and dropped 1.3 pounds to 237.9, just off a new low on the 15-day average. I've really tried hard this week to bank more of the calories burned rather than to consume them.

Speaking of consuming calories -- we had a great dinner on Saturday at Macaroni Grill. They have a design your own pasta dish that was fantastic. Mine had whole wheat penne with grilled eggplant and red peppers with a spicy red sauce. Throw in some mushrooms, tomatos and onions and enjoy. Mmmmm! Woulda licked the plate if I could.



J~Mom said...

I am so excited about the body pump class! My gym is about 5 miles away so this summer I plan to run over, take body pump and then either walk home or have hubby pick me up if it's too late. I really hope that will be a break through for weight loss for me.

Fantastic mileage this week!

AndrewE said...

Great mileage. I can only dream of running that far at the moment.

Kim Ellis said...

Hey Jeff - nice work my friend. Isn't it funny/odd when you start regarding an 8-mile run as your "short" or "not long" run? What a great feeling huh?
Have a great week!

Dan Seifring said...

You are doing fantastic Jeff. Keep up the great work. Are weights are right around the same (15 day avg). I see a challenge ahead - a friendly challenge of course.

bigmike600 said...

I go away for the winter and come back to see your numbers. What a difference. You got this running thing down. I think you, Dan, J-Wim and I are right about the same pace for the half. (well Dan is a little faster). I'm hoping to get my run pace a little better by summer. My marathon is May 24.

Pokey said...

Do you realize that you ran 15 miles in almost the exact time it took me to run the half on Sunday?

Awesome Jeff - your splits are looking AMAZING!!!!

Chief Wahoo said...

I am in awe of your commitment to run that far on the tread mill! I just can not do it, that's why I am outside splashing in puddles and falling on the ice!

Great job knocking out that 15 miler!

Rob said...

Great job on the 15, I will try to mirror your efforts this Sunday. :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Nice mileage-looks like you are on track to break 3:00.

THe pasta sounds awesome.

Pat said...

You are going to do great in the marathon. hope the weather will be great too.