Friday, March 7, 2008

Answer: My Cholesterol

Question: What's lower than the number of miles that I ran in February?

That's right, Jeopardy fans, my cholesterol is LOWER than 99! This formerly fat guy's cholesterol is down to a very skinny NINETY-EIGHT! (Of course, the bad is good and the good is good, too.)

Is it possible to have a level too low? Google says yes, but I can't find any difinitive numbers. Gonna see Dr. H. next week. I'll see if she can spread some light on the subject.

Steak for dinner tonight!



Pokey said...

Holy smokes Jeff! I dont think I've ever heard of it being that low. I dont think it can be *too low*, I think it's all about the ration between the 2 types that's really important. But I'm curious what the doc says...


J~Mom said...

Congrats!!! That is great news!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jeff. I love that last line. Enjoy the steak!

Unknown said...

Excellent numbers, and don't get too worried about being too low.

Chief Wahoo said...


I have had my total cholesterol tested as low as 95. My doc told me as long as the good to bad ration is inline numbers that low are all good!

I hope you enjoyed the steak!

Jeff said...

Thanks, all.

I feel better now hearing from a health care professional and someone that's been here before.

bigmike600 said...

My total is 85. I about freaked when the doctor told me that. It was 90 when I weighed 375 so I think my cholesterol was always good. It's nice to know that one more thing working for you instead of against you.