Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Week Done, Big Week to Come

Big mileage numbers this week as I ran almost 33 miles including Saturday's 16 miler. I am amazed how quickly the miles are adding up, but I must admit, I am feeling fatigued today. Woke up early to hit the treadmill and never made it out of the house. Right now, I'm in the meat of the training plan with the second of five consecutive 30 mile weeks on tap this week.

Those miles, along with one spin class and control over my eating led me to a loss this week of 2.0 pounds, down to 235.9. A total loss of 178.1 pounds. I'd like to think that I can continue these losses right up until the big race to get into the 220's.

I'm really missing the other activities that I was doing. Just one spin last week. I'd like to do more. No weights. I need to do more. 33 miles is just 6 hours of running (assuming I kept an 11 minute pace, which I did not), but add in the early hours, the travel to and from the gym and it adds up. As the weather gets better, I know I'm gonna want to be on my bike.

What's on tap this week -- just 35 miles, including 18 on Saturday.

C'mon, May 4 -- Just 48 days and counting!



J~Mom said...

Just 35 miles? Geesh that is a ton of mileage!!!

Tell me your secret for getting the pounds off...oh wait it's 35 miles and not 10 a week, huh?


Terry said...

You are amazing. But then in the 25+ yrs we have been friends- I know that once you make up your mind that you want something- you dont let anything get in your way. Keep going.

Your in my thoughts.

AndrewE said...

Wow. That's some serious mileage! Well done.

Did you lose a post? I got one via RSS that I don't see on your blog.

Kim Ellis said...

35 miles - geez what a slacker!

Ha - with the nasty cold I have that's about 35 miles more than I'll get in this week. Hoping to feel well enough to get my spin class in on Saturday.

Chief Wahoo said...

You are racking up the miles!

Congrats on the continued weight loss - with your increasing mileage I would say you csn count on that continuing.

bigmike600 said...

Jeff, man you have got to post some before and after pictures of yourself. I know you are not much of a picture guy but the transformation has to be as amazing as anyones. Nice job on the long run...SHOWOFF. LOL

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Marathoner in Training said...

You beat me out on the milage, but I am following my plan for the RNR marathon in June. The Dr does not want me varing from it either. Keep up the great running.

Shilingi-Moja said...

178.1 pounds off. I'm duly impressed with that. And, your 33 miles for the week are nothing to sneeze at -- no wonder you're fatigued. Take your rest days seriously.