Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Update

Happy Monday! Unfortunately, I'm off traveling again (Deb hate's when I go away right after vacation. It particularly sucks when I have to leave on a Sunday night. It triple sucks when I miss the kids first day of school.) I did weigh in yesterday and managed to erase the vacation pounds that I had added.

I've done some resetting of the bar on the scale. What? Let me explain: When I first weighed in on day 1, I was dressed in work out clothes. In oder to keep everything even, I've had to adjust for those clothes ever since. I've now adjusted off the clothes weight from day one and since. With the bar reset, my starting naked weight is now 414.0 and my Sunday weight was 259.0 -- a total loss of 155.0. (Somewhere I picked up a pound in the translation. )

As for exercise, I did get in a session at the gym on vacation and a good gym session on Sunday on the elliptical and weights.

Stay tuned for a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!



Kim Herring said...

sounds like you had a successful vacation with smaller portions of the foods you enjoy - congratulations for not giving in to the bucket.

staying tuned....

Anonymous said...

When I started weighing in I used to jump on the scale every morning with the same set of clothes. When then got too big and the treads on my sneakers wore out I took the laces to tie together the undies, shirt and jeans so no matter what I was weighing with the same clothes no matter what. Eventually I decided I deserved credit for the the poundage of clothes lost, lol. Now I just weigh with whatever I happen to be wearing when I wake up that morning, lol.

Pat said...

A Major Announcement. Let's see, you're already married so that can't be it. You're kids are too young for medical school, so that can't be it.

It must be . . . you bought a Thrasher's franchise.

NO that can't be it. Wouldn't be good for the health.

I can't wait.