Friday, August 24, 2007

Belated. . .

I missed a couple of Mazel Tov's (congratulations) while I was gone:


My Uncle Rog (UR) turned 60 last Saturday. Holy crap, how could he be sixty. I mean SIXTY! UR is my dad's younger brother by six years, but he always seemed closer in age to me than my dad. He's also a product of the 60's, which probably explains that (and a lot of other things!) Hanging out with Uncle Rog and Aunt Debbie (not my Deby) is always a blast. Happy Big B-Day, Unc, and many many more.

Triathelete Jill

Our friend Jill raced her first tri last weekend -- the Columbia Iron Girl. It was fun to see Jill when we'd cross paths a few times at a local park when she was training for the tri and I was training for the 10 miler in May. It was her first and, I'm betting, not last tri. She beat her goal time and when we spoke on Sunday sounded euphoric. Congrats, Jill. Deb and I are proud of you!


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Dodger said...

Many many thanks for the birthday wishes. It was quite a magical (albeit hazy - started with bloody mary's at noon, switched to 'ritas) day. When your mom and dad walked through my front door, you coulda knocked me over with a feather (despite my ever-skeptical MUCH OLDER brother's doubts that I was surprised). And once again, you were a collaborator - aiding and abetting in the surprise. Jay did give props to his "travel agent" for the great accommodations. I know Thrashers fries were great, but the crab cakes from G&M were as great as always, not to mention the Berger's cookies.

Thanks!!! Much love.