Friday, August 31, 2007

How Do You Get Air In There?

I couldn't wait to get back out on the bike yesterday. Went out to the garage, took the bike down and got out the trusty air pump. Guy at the bike store said to fill to 120 lbs. before every ride. OK, no problem.

I unscrewed the cap on the stem and looked at it. What the hell is that? This doesn't look like the stem on my old bike. Way thinner. This won't work.

I figured that the little red thing on my pump latch was some kind of fitting to allow me to fill these tires. I played around with the stem and the pump and managed to figure out how to get all the air OUT of the tire. Where's the phone? I call my brother at work. He's on the phone. But, it's an emergency!

Okay, I get a hold of my dad. "Oh, you have the European stems." (I really didn't care if they were from Ethiopia, I just needed to know how to fill the damn tires!) After a few minutes, dad helps me get the fitting on the stem and the air into the tire. Whew!

I get out on the bike and around about 2 miles, just a few blocks from the house, as I'm trying to change the front gear, the chain comes off the gear. This also happened on my Wednesday ride, so I know what to do, I'm now an "expert". I got off the bike and tried to put the chain back on. No go. The chain was completely lodged between the gear and the frame of the bike. It ain't moving. Waaaaaah!

So, dejectedly I start to walk home. My house sits at the bottom of a 1/4 mile hill along a curvy street. From where I was, the ride home is the best. I usually break 30 mph and keep going another 1/4 mile or so without pedaling before I turn back. Having to walk that route really sucked!

This morning, I took the bike back to the shop where they'll fix the chain and give me a remedial lesson in changing gears. The tech told me that gears on new bikes can be a little finicky. I guess so. Can't wait to pick it back up!


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bigmike600 said...

My bikes all do that sometimes too, throw the chain that is.
Glad you figured out the presta valve on your bike. I'm still envious of your new bike.