Monday, November 10, 2008

Where Have You Been, Joe DiMaggio?

Well, not Joe, but me. Yes, it's been two weeks. Sorry about that. Life in the way, once again.

So let's see, when I last left you, I was enjoying the buffet at the gym. During the past two weeks, I've continued to enjoy.
  • 4 Body Pumps

  • 2 Boot Camps

  • 4 Spin Classes

  • 2 21 mile bike rides

Food wise, I feel like I'm eating pretty well. Not a lot of changes from the South Beach plan. A few strays, but nothing noteworth.

With all of that activity and the eating going well, the pounds are just falling off. They must be, right? Not so fast, bucko. Stagnation is more like it. Much to my surprise, I've been in a groove between 222 and 224 pretty much every day for the past two weeks. Not a bad place to be, but not exactly where I thought I'd be, considering. No doubt I can tighten the plan down a bit. My goals are still in sight and achievable for year end, but the clock is ticking.

So that's all I've got. More to come when the mood hits me!



Daiquiri princess said...

Hang in there- it's all good. Oh and you know that all that working out is building muscle and muscle weighs more then fat.
Glad to see you back- had missed your posts.

Andrew is getting fit said...

A few more regular updates would be good eh!

But yes, life gets in the way sometimes. :)

Pat said...

I get in those ruts too. I'll stay at the same weight for 2-7 days and then drop down. I assume it just takes the scale a few days to figure out what to do.

I get a kick out of the tenth spot number dropping. And to see the hundredth spot change from a 2 to a 1 will be monumental.

Aaron said...

Jeff, you are doing a lot at the gym. How long doe s 21 mile bike ride take?

FYI, your comments on my blog count for blogging right?!?

Amy said...

Way to go there Mr. Gym Buff!

DO you go to Goodlife? I am going to be getting a membership there when I change jobs, as there is a goodlife right beside my new office. Another perk: The Running Room is on the same block! :)

J~Mom said...

I just got out of a little rut. Hoping to get the next 5 off soon! :>)

victory4angela said...

Gosh - you really inspire me to work harder. I like how you track your workouts and will think about adding that info to my blog!

Happy New Year and I hope you reach your 2009 fitness goals!