Monday, November 17, 2008


I am a slacker. That's what one of my biking buddies called me on Sunday, so I'm sure he's right.
Saturday, I hit the gym for the Saturday Double -- Body Pump followed by a spin class. Great start to the day. At 9, Deb dropped the boys off for kids Zoomba. Sounded like fun if I could get them into it. It was tough going, but they did get out there and dance. I joined them in the back row with a few other parents (moms) and the kid's were more comfortable. They did plenty of whining, but by the time they told Deb about it, they were ready to go back next week. Guess the double will become a triple. Throw in the post Zoomba swim and that makes a quadruple. Yee Haa!

Sunday was long run day. My buddy Dave was heading to Lifetime Fitness early to hit the treadmill for a 14 miler. I invited myself to use one of his guest passes and met him there at 5:45 with a goal of 8-10 miles. This would pretty much determine if I would register for the Columbia Metric Marathon. Need to be relatively comfortable that I could meet the Metric time cutoff of 3.5 hours -- a pace just under 13 minutes per mile.

We were off and running by 6 and I felt really good. For the first 2-3 miles, Dave and I were conversing comfortably. My first walk break was at 3.5 and I was a keeping a pace better than 10:30. By 5, I knew I would go for 10. As the miles ticked by, I was keeping to just under 11 minute mile average with walking occasionally. At 9.2, I was 30 second off the pace for sub 11, but I had enough in the tank to push myself to pick up those lost seconds. At 10 miles, the ticker showed 1:49:58 -- a pace of 10:59, by far my fastest run of any distance beyond 4 miles. I was feeling pretty jazzed. This run pretty much sealed the deal for the Metric. I signed up Monday night.

When I saw one of my biking buddies at 9 and he saw me sans cycle, the first word out of his mouth was "slacker!" Well deserved, no doubt.

With just three week's to the run, I'm pioneering Jeff's 3 Week Slug to 26.2k Training Plan.
  • Week 1 -- Tue - 3, Wed - 6, Thu - 3, Sun - 12
  • Week 2 -- Tue - 3, Wed - 4, Thu - 3, Sun - 8
  • Week 3 -- Tue - 3, Thu - 2, Fri - 2, Sun 26.2k/16.2 mi

And there you have it. If it work's out, I'll publish! In the mean time, I'll just be a slacker.



Daiquiri princess said...

I would hardly call you a slacker. I'm tired just reading this.
Have fun. You look great.

Pat said...

sounds like a great plan. we don't have any metric marathons out this way.

Marathoner in Training said...

I would go with that plan. You got to love Life Time Fitness. On the pricy side, but they got everything.

Robert Barker said...

You are not a slacker, my friend. I am always impressed at your accomplishments.

J~Mom said...

I want to do a metric marathon!!

Kim Herring said...

I wanna be a slacker like you!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I must admit I love the idea of a metric marathon!