Friday, November 28, 2008


I've always been amazed by how weight loss and speed seem to come when I least expect it.

In the past month, I've averaged 5-6 workouts a week, some even double ups. In that time, the scale has been pretty flat. I've worked to control the intake, but for the most part, there has been little movement. Yesterday morning, I hopped out of bed and did my daily check in with the scale expecting more of the same. Happily, the same was not to be. For the first time, the scale showed the reward I've been looking for -- the first two digits were black jack -- "21". Black jack was not followed by the nine point eight that would have been good enough for me but rather eight point zero.

Although I don't need numbers to define my success, I'm a numbers guy and they are a good benchmark to measure progress objectively. One of those measures is body mass index, or BMI. The BMI takes a person's height and weight and calculates a number that is defines them on a scale from underweight to morbidly obese. My new BMI of 29.6 is in the overweight column, which is a good thing. For the first time in probably 35 years or more, I am no longer obese.

After doing a little "Hey, I'm not Obese Anymore" song and dance next to the scale, I quickly gathered my cold weather gear for the Green Valley North Turkey Trot. In stark contrast to
last year's run with temps around 70, this year the forecast called for low to mid 30's: running tights, two pair of socks, three layers on top, gloves and hand warmers were the order of the day.

I arrived at the site about 15 minutes before the scheduled 9 am start with a Starbucks Venti already warming my blood. Checking in, I picked up my t -- a very nice technical t, rather than the all cotton version that they handed out last year -- and one extra since I had registered the whole family, even though they decided to stay warm instead. Since I parked a good 10 minute walk from the start line, I put one t on and another in my pocket. I was feeling a bit like Santa with my four layers and bulging pockets -- extra t in one, gloves in another.

A bit after 9, the race was a go. I had no idea how my recent speed surge would translate to the course's rolling hills, but I'd soon find out.

The first mile, more downhill than up, was in at 9:44. Holy crap that's fast. I mean WAY faster than anything I've ever recorded. Okay, just one mile and downhill at that. Let's see if I can average that out to stay at 10 for 2 miles.

Sure enough, 10:16 -- dead nuts on for a two mile average of 10 minutes.

Mile 3 was another down-more-than-up mile and another sub 10 minute mile at 9:45. At this point, I'm thinking out loud about a sub-50 minute run. (Yeah, and you should've seen the looks I was getting, too!)

Shortly into mile 4, I was feeling the three miles before. No way can I keep up this pace. I'm tired. Want to walk. Can't walk. No walking. Less than two to go. Almost there. Uphill mile 4 in at 10:09. Holy crap, 4 done in under 40. Just a mile to go!

Mile five was slow. More uphill, damn! By 4.5, I was 20 seconds off the pace. I've lost it, but I will still blow away anything I've ever done. Mile 5 in 10:11, but the run isn't over. The last piece is straight down hill! 1/20 of a mile in 22 seconds, 8:19 pace -- I was sure this body wouldn't go that fast!

Final: 5.05 miles -- 50:29 -- average of 9:59.8/mile! Better than a minute and a half faster per mile than a year ago.

Honestly, I wouldn't have thought that possible. I felt great!

Back to the car and a quick stop for some Dunkin Donuts coffee for me and the Mrs. and then home to enjoy the day.

Without a doubt, I did a bit too much celebrating over Deb's fabulous dinner last night. I couldn't move after two plates of turkey, roasted sweet potatoes, squash casserole, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cranberry sauce, a cookie bar and a fat free/sugar free pudding with cool whip to top it off. Waaay over indulged. I certainly felt fat. Thinking back, I used to enjoy that feeling of too full. Not any more. Yuck.

Hope you all had a great and Thankful day!



Pat said...

congrats on the race. You smoked it.

I did the BMI calculator and it told me if I stand on my tip toes I won't be obese anymore. LOL.

Our T-day dinner was awesome too. I'm sure lunch in about 15 minutes will be more of the same. I think I might like the leftovers more than the actual dinner.

Daiquiri princess said...

Awesome Jeff. You did great and congrats on the scale victory as well.
Good luck next weekend - looks like you are doing 2 runs next weekend. GREAT

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Congrats on the race and the weight Jeff. Keep up the great work.

Aaron said...

You are doing great!

Anonymous said...

just found you blog.

LOVELOVE the l'chiam close :)

off to readexplore!

Marathoner in Training said...

I am so glad to hear that your weight is now starting to come off again. Doing that many workouts, you also would have some muscle (which weights more than fat), to is short GREAT JOB

Erin said...

It must be a burden to be so TOTALLY AWESOME! WOOT, JEFFY!


Nitmos said...

Great job! It's always nice to pull out a great performance when you maybe weren't expecting it. Way to push through the fatigue!

Kim Herring said...

Excellent work Jeff! Looking forward to your post-race post after the metric.

J~Mom said...

HOLY COW!!!! You rocked it!! Very nice!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Oh man those are two wonderful milestones. I remember the day I hit overweight and it was like walking on air. Still waiting for the normal though!

fitncrafty said...

Just came across your website and WOW congrats to you!!
Also a runner here(more like a jogger really) and have lost 100lbs myself.. Always looking for support and motivation to keep it up on those days where it seems no matter what you do, the scale just doesn't cooperate..
I will be visiting more as time allows and catching up on your photos..
Thanks for sharing your stories, what a great inspiration you are!!!